Kick 2
Kick 2

The audio album of Ravi Teja's "Kick 2", which was released at a grand function in Hyderabad on 9 May, has garnered mixed reviews from both critics and music lovers across the globe.

"Kick 2" has six soundtracks and S Thaman has composed the music for them. Varikuppala Yadigiri, Sri Mani, Kaasarla Shyam and Bhole have written the lyrics for the tracks, while Bombay Bhole, Jonita Gandhi, S Thaman, Divya Kumar, Jonita Gandhi, Rahul Nambiar, Deepak Nivas, Hanumanth Rao, Mansi, Sanjana, Monisha, Simha, Spoorthi crooned the songs.

Some music lovers are impressed with all the soundtracks of "Kick 2" and they say some of the songs are sure to become chartbusters.

Meanwhile, some sections of listeners and critics are not happy with Thaman's compositions. They say that the songs lack freshness and they look like rip off of the songs from his previous albums.

The full songs jukebox of "Kick 2" was released on YouTube on 9 May. After listening to the songs, some audience voiced their opinion on the album in the comments box. We bring you some unique comments as well as critics' verdict. Continue to read it below:

123 Telugu Music Review

One can easily say that Kick 2 does not have any chart topping tracks that Kick had. As expected, Thaman does not experiment much and gives a pretty safe and decent album. This album has songs in every genre and Thaman has nicely balanced the emotions with entertaining tunes. Kick, Nuvve Nuvve, Temple Song and Mummy are our picks and will work with the mood of the film perfectly.

Thomas James Stevens

Wow! It was a pleasant surprise to hear such fresh tunes from Thaman. The last album of his that was good was Race Gurram and I was feeling like he was just repeating tunes when I heard the Pandaga Chesko songs last week. Kick 2 looks like another hit for Thaman. I especially liked Nuvve Nuvve. I hope he come up with more fresh tunes in the future. Good luck to the Kick 2 team!

Munna Munikumar

Nuvve nuvve & tittle songs are awesome

Ivanski "The Ultimate Warrior" kozlovstuoin

I couldn't stop my foot from tapping while listening, mindblowing music, hatsoff to Thaman...


All songs will be chartbusters...Great work Thaman..!! Ur combo vth Ravi lives upto d expectations...All d Best..!!

The Phantom

Best Ravi Teja Movie Track. Great Job. KICK Song rocks

Chinni Ch

All songs are good.. Temple song is awesome..

Srikanth Gazula

Audio Review : If I am not wrong below are the songs that great Thaman has repeated.
Mummy - Mix of Oye Oye Oye Pilla - Nippu & Pilla Manchi Bandobastu – Shadow
Nuvve Nuvve - Somewhat the beat is new
Jenda Pai Kapiraju - Idi Rana Rangam - Ramayya Vastavayya
Temple Song - Maro Janmae Anedunte ( Slowed the beat in this track and repeated the same karaoke )
Masthani Masthani - Gana Gana Gana Mantu – Tadakha
Kick - Race Gurram Race Gurram - Race Gurram