The most good-looking SUV in its segment, the KIA Seltos, is now more enticing feature-wise too. Well, it was already, but KIA thought of giving it a few more goodies (ten, to be precise) to ensure it continues pulling buyers into the KIA showrooms (or buying it online in the current scenario). Also, unlike the usual practice of adding a couple of features to the top-end variant and calling it an "update/facelift", KIA has not only added new features to almost all variants, but even a few of its existing features, earlier exclusive to only the top-end variants, have found their way in some of the lower variants as well.

For example, while the new Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) feature is standard across all Seltos variants, the sunroof (a noveau riche favourite), which earlier used to come only on the HTX+ and GTX+ variants, will now also be available on the HTX and GTX trims.

KIA Seltos
KIA SeltosKIA Motors India

Meanwhile, let's quickly see what ESS is. As its full form suggests, it's a safety feature that signals (warns) the traffic behind you that your vehicle is coming to an emergency stop. So, in case you're going over 55 kmph and hit the brakes hard, the ESS, recognizing that it's a case of sudden braking, flashes the brake lights in quick succession to prevent absent minded drivers behind you from bumping into you.

The rest of the new nine features, along with the addition of existing features to lower variants, and the variant-wise price list too—everything is mentioned below.

KIA Seltos
KIA SeltosKIA Motors India

Please also note that KIA has discontinued the Smartstream Petrol 1.4T-GDI GTK and GTX 7-DCT variants. In other words, you neither get the sort-of base model turbo-petrol now (GTK), nor the one-step-short-of-the-top-end-auto (GTX). So the 7-speed DCT turbo-petrol Seltos can only be had as a GTX+ now, while you still get at least two options, GTX and GTX+, in the manual turbo-petrol.

There are no changes made to the engine, and you may check KIA's website to know the power and torque figures.

KIA Seltos New Features

KIA Seltos new features
KIA Seltos new featuresKIA Motors India

KIA Seltos Existing Features' Addition to Lower Variants

KIA Seltos existing features availability in lower variants
KIA Seltos existing features variant-wise availabilityKIA Motors India

New KIA Seltos Price List

KIA Seltos price
KIA Seltos price list (ex-showroom)KIA Motors India

Looks like the Hyundai Creta won't have it easy now.