"Khoobsurat" movie poster
"Khoobsurat" movie posterTwitter/Sonam Kapoor

"Khoobsurat" starring Sonam Kapoor and Pakistani actor Fawad Khan has received mixed reviews from critics.

The romantic comedy film directed by Shashanka Ghosh is loosely based on Rekha's classic film "Khoobsurat" released in 1980.

Pakistani heartthrob Khan has impressed critics with his acting skills, but on the other hand Kapoor has failed to do so. The other talented actors including Kirron Kher, Prosenjit Chatterjee and Ratna Pathak Shah as usual have managed to get positive reviews from critics.

The film has a weak script-writing and storyline and fails to be on par with the classic film. But overall, the film is a one-time watch.

Read the critics review below:

Sneha May Francis of Emirates 24/7 said: "This is light-hearted entertainment, where logic and characterisation don't hold much prominence. Where a single kiss is enough to ruin one love-story and start another one.

"Sonam Kapoor is perpetually high-pitched, shrieking and giggling without much purpose. For someone with limited acting talent, Mili appears to be a fun part to play, especially since it doesn't require much skill. But, even that Sonam doesn't pull off."

Manjusha Radhakrishan of Gulf News said: "Sonam, in the role of a klutz amongst royalty, aims at being adorable; but ends up gratingly annoying.

"Tighter editing and trimming off of Kapoor's shrill, cute act would have elevated this engaging film into a riveting one."

Srishti of Bollywoodlife.com said: "Sonam Kapoor delivers an endearing performance. Fawad Khan dazzles in every frame! Those familiar with his previous work won't be surprised by the brilliance of his controlled performance.

"The script-writing falters in places, but the film has managed to engage so far. Special mention to Ratna Pathak Shah who stuns in the role of Rani sa. I wonder why she doesn't take up more film offers..."

Bollywood Hungama News Network reported: "Despite the weak storyline, what keeps the movie going forward is its music. The film's screenplay (Indira Bisht) falters at a lot of places. Though the film starts on a promising note, the story and screenplay have no meat in the second half and all characters seem to have lost direction.

"Overall, KHOOBSURAT is likeable in parts with good performances and stunning visuals; however the weak script is an 'ugly' hurdle this film will face at the box-office."