Mumbai police
(Representational Image)Reuters

Mumbai Police is quite popular on Twitter for the funny ways in which they relay messages, issue warnings and give a serious competition in the meme game. After #SareeTwitter began trending on social media on Monday, Mumbai Police, not wanting to be left behind, shared images of policemen in uniform with hashtags #KhakiTweets, #KhakiTwitter and #KhakiSwag.

The caption read, "Khaki has its own charm, doesn't it? #KhakiTwitter. A shout out to all our police friends across the country, let's share some #KhakiSwag in a uniform we all take pride in, with #KhakiTwitter Do tag fellow officers, more the 'Khakier'."

The tweet attracted over 5,000 likes and many social media users started posting images of either themselves or their loved ones in uniform.

Here are some of the best replies: