Director Vinoth's Telugu movie Khakee, which is the dubbed version of Karthi and Rakul Preet Singh's Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru, has received positive reviews and ratings from the audiences.

Khakee is an action crime thriller film written by director Vinoth. Hero Karthi is one of the most popular young Tamil actors in the Telugu states and the makers have released it with its original version, Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru, in a bid to cash in on his fame. The movie has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and has a runtime of 2 hours 21 minutes.

Khakee story: Karthi is a tough and sincere cop due to which he often gets transfer orders. He falls in love with a village belle (Rakul Preet Singh) during his police training and they get married. He is then assigned a case of a dangerous dacoit gang, which is behind a series of crimes. How he investigates the case and nabs the gang leader forms the crux of the story.

Analysis: Khakee is an intense police drama, which is based on the real life of a police officer and some true events. Vinoth has penned a tight screenplay, which hardly has any boring moment. The director has blended commercial elements like music and romance with this cop story, say the audiences.

Performances: Khakee is completely a new make for Karthi and he has done justice to his role. His electrifying performance is the highlight of the movie. Rakul Preet Singh's glamour and chemistry with the hero are also among the attractions of the film. Abhimanyu Singh, Bose Venkat, Scarlett Mellish Wilson, Mathew Varghese, Rohit Pathak and others have done good jobs and are the assets of the flick, say the viewers.

Technical: SR Prakashbabu and SR Prabhu, who have bankrolled it under the banner Dream Warrior Pictures, have made sure that Khakee has good production values. Ghibran's songs and background score, Sathyan Sooryan's cinematography, choreography of action and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, say the filmgoers.

Khakee movie review live updates: We bring you some filmgoers' response for the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see their verdict below:

Prince‏ @DpKaPrince

#khakee 1half done. Cute romance d awesome action entertaining @Karthi_Offl d @Rakulpreet chemistry superb cant wait to 2nd half. Watched #Khakee Terrific, mind blowing Action, crime thriller @Karthi_Offl as cop blow ur mind! wish 2 mak movis lik ds @Rakulpreet steal ur heart with beautie d performance i wish to watch sequel #Khakhee2 luv it #TheeranAdhigaramOndru

Ahmed Jani Shaik‏ @offl_aadhf

Extraordinary effort and performance Bro @Karthi_Offl refreshing real cute romance scenes @Rakulpreet Great chemistry #vinod scripting screenplay execution top class @dhilipaction Action real and hard hitting congrats #Khakee team @prabhu_sr

ManojKumar‏ @MK_rockstarr

#Khakee is absolutely amazing Brilliant direction ... intriguing screenplay & power packed performance by @Karthi_Offl kudos 2 entire team After #Gharshana definitely the next best cop movie would be #Khakee

Sharat‏ @sherry1111111

#khakee Brilliant film. Must watch. Realistic cop drama. Karthi lived in the role. Take a bow Vinoth. Kudos to the real story and this is a great watch. And you will remember the movie for 2-3 days. It's that good and people who love intense storytelling will make you root for this one

Suresh Kondi‏ @V6_Suresh

#Khakee: Engaging & Riveting Police Investigation film.Very Detailing and Gripping screenplay by Dir #Vinoth. @Karthi_Offl Nailed it as sincere police officer.Kudos for the hardwork.@Rakulpreet is beautiful. Great job by entire team..Super Liked. Go and watch. #Theeran

Movie Updates‏ @123dream11

#Khakee What A Movie It Is.. First 20 mins are Boring But Then The Story Starts..Very Intense Through out..Interval Scene is a major plus..Will Work As It has Good WOM Rating : 3.5/5

Raghava‏ @Raghava4mahesh

Gripping screenplay,Research of the film very quite interesting realistic scenes,Brutal murder's crime scenes police investigation Karthi as theeran #Khakee Excellent execution,Brilliant writing tremendous search on crime investigations director Vinoth pre interval 20 minutes really very good #Khakee #TheeranAdhiGaaramOndru Easily one of the best cop films in recent times & Tamil cinema complete different very realistic @Karthi_Offl csn be proud of this film super efforts #Khakee #TheeranAdhiGaaramOndru @Karthi_Offl @Rakulpreet lead pairs very good on screen easily one's of best characters in career @GhirbanOfficial BGM impressive story telling quite different one's of the best cop films very well researched #Khakee #TheeranAdhiGaaramOndrum Never seen type of cop film Vinoth #Khakee Vinoth screenplay,Karthi acting,Ghibran BGM Mirataal #Khakee #TheeranAdhiGaaramOndru

Venkatesh Venky‏ @venkybest

Interval Now.. Very Interesting and Thrilling So Far #Khakee #Khakee - Watch it if you Enjoy Serious and Intense Investigation Crime Dramas Film is Very Engaging and Gripping Liked it #TheeranAdhigaaramOndru

Dheeraj Babu ✍‏ @DheerajBabuP

#Khakee / #TheeranAdhigaaramOndru Police Investigation Drama Told in a best possible realistic way. Detailing about dacoits and their history is Amazing Salute to Directors Research and Passion towards film making. @Karthi_Offl is amazing as a sincere Police officer.

Sravani Lakshmi‏ @SravaniSayz

#Khakee is a great tribute to Police. Scenes are realistic & very intense. @Karthi_Offl is fab as Cop. Pre interval scene followed by lag 2nd half.

aHf‏ @adhyayam

#Khakee has an interesting premise. It would have been an exciting watch with a more cinematic approach. Second half is more like a docu-drama. Watchable.

AVAD‏ @avadsays

#Khakee is a riveting cop drama which has edge of the seat thrills. @Karthi_Offl is top notch as fierce cop..@Rakulpreet shines in her de-glamor role. Racy Thrills and gripping narration is highlight

Bharath reddy‏ @golipallyb

#Khakee very good movie.BGM super undi pre interval nundi interval varaku vache scenes highlight and a good climax

VINAY‏ @vinaytweetz_

#Khakee one word review : ..EXCELLENT..@Karthi_Offl perfectly suits in cop role..Goosebumps bgm by @GhibranOfficial That pre interval episode is outstanding.. One of the best cop movie in Indian cinema..which is based on true events. #TheeranAdhigaaramOndru

HemanthSays‏ @HEmanThKuMarS

@Karthi_Offl @Rakulpreet just done with 1st half ..absolutely fantastic .. thrilling narrative .. superb performances .. #Khakee one of the best cop movies I've seen recently ..! Hope 2nd half lives upto the expectations now .. #TheeranAdhigaramOndru One of the best cop thriller movies I've watched .. it's strength is its honesty .. loved it .. will watch again @Rakulpreet @Karthi_Offl @Suriya_offl #Khakee Credit to director Vinoth

R‏ @Balaji03894048

#Khakee first half is about a masked decoit gang commiting series of robberies and killings. It's a fresh setup but partially engaging. Nice to see @Rakulpreet with a crazy expression.. @Karthi_Offl acting superb And action sequences is amazing.

Gautamvarma‏ @gauthamvarma04

#Khakee first half #khakee into 2nd half pure mass... #khakee anything is less to say about this one.... very very well made...length might be an issue but once engaged you will love it.

Yashwanth‏ @ya5hw4nthl

#Khakee has been terrific in the first half. A kind story that's been heard earlier in various other flicks, but the storyline is gripping. @Karthi_Offl @Rakulpreet

Vamsi Shekar PRO‏ @UrsVamsiShekar

Actor @Karthi_Offl shines superbly as "DSP Dheeraj"...First half of #Khakee is very interesting,thrilling and engaging...Investigation scenes are top notch

Raghu‏ @Raghuvarma_

#Khakee so intense story and taking but too lengthy for such kind of movie. Hard to sit for 2:40 min. @Karthi_Offl asusal

Venkatesh kilaru‏ @mahesh_devotee1

Worth watch film - #Khakee Nice performance by @Karthi_Offl and @Rakulpreet. Enjoy this weekend with this movie.

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Hey ANDHRA Telugu‏ @HeyANDHRA4u

#Khakee 1st Half Verdict Positives: Cute Romance btw pair, crisp Screenplay , BGM #Khakee 2nd Half Verdict Positives: Action Scenes, BGM, Investigation episode Negative: Lags in middle, Item song Overall: Good Movie for This weekend !!