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The fans of Chiranjeevi have given a warm reception to his comeback movie Khaidi No 150. His much-awaited film is released on Wednesday, 11 January and met with good reviews. The actor's screen presence alone has thrilled the viewers, who are also praising the mass elements in the Telugu flick.

Khaidi No 150 Movie Review: Khaidi No 150 is an action thriller film, which is directed by VV Vinayak and produced by Chiru's son Ram Charan under the banner of Konidela Production Company. The flick is a remake of blockbuster Tamil film Kaththi, which revolves around the story of a petty criminal (Chiranjeevi), who escapes from jail. He plans to run away to a foreign country, but drops his plan after meeting a girl (Kajal Aggarwal) at the airport.

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He comes across his lookalike (Chiranjeevi), who is being shot by a group of thugs. He admits the latter to a hospital and decides to impersonate him after learning that his lookalike is a post-graduate in hydrology and wants to help farmers in his village, which is under threat of being occupied by an MNC, which wants to construct a factory. How he fights for the villagers forms the crux of the story.

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The audience say that Khaidi No 150 has an interesting story with a beautiful message to the society. The director has remained faithful to the original story, but has made some minor changes in the screenplay to suit the taste of Telugu filmgoers. Some comedy and romance scenes keep the viewers entertained in the first half. The story gets serious in the second half, which is very engaging.

Chiranjeevi, who is making his comeback to acting after 10 years, has played dual roles in Khaidi No 150 and has delivered a wonderful performance. He impresses the viewers with his young looks, action, dance and dailogue delivery. Kajal Aggarwal, who appears as his love interest, has done justice to her role and her glamour and chemistry with Chiru are among the highlights of the film, say the audience.

As an antagonist, Tarun Arora has done a good job and he is an asset to Khaidi No 150. Brahmanandam, Posani Krishna Murali, Ali and Prudhviraj's comedy timing is among the big attractions of the film. Ram Charan, VV Vinayak and Lakshmi Rai made special appearances and they are also assets of the movie, say the audience.

Khaidi No 150 has superb production values. The soundtracks, background score, picturisation, amazing choreography of dance and action are the big attractions of the technical front, say the viewers. We bring to you some filmgoers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of Khaidi No 150 movie review by audience:

Kaushik LM:

#KhaidiNo150 will work with Telugu audiences who didnt see #Kaththi, &of course #BossIsBack to entertain after so long. Catered to his image
#KhaidiNo150 2nd half -#AmmaduLetsDoKummudu comes during the key pipeline scene! Comedy distractions all through. The coin fight worked ok
#KhaidiNo150 1st half - #MegaStarChiranjeevi's infectious energy, entertaining presence & dance moves are holding the show.
#KhaidiNo150 1st half -Faithful #Kaththi remake, with extra comedy elements (at the old age home). Interval line - After a gap, #BossIsBack

Prashanth Rangaswamy:

#KhaidiNo150 - Enjoyed the movie. felt like trimmed version of Kaththi. Did not fail to make the point! will collect big for sure!


They should have gone for original story rather than choosing a remake. As an actor Chiru is the best Vinayak failed miserably.#KhaidiNo150

idlebrain jeevi ‏@idlebrainjeevi

What a grace and what a comedy timing! And dance is so superb. 1st song rathalu going on #KhaidiNo150 Fun start, strong content oriented flashback followed by a superb interval bang! #KhaidiNo150 is promising till interval! Chiranjeevi looks young with same impact as before. Dialogues written for farmers deserve an applause. Camera and music

Jalapathy Gudelli ‏@JalapathyG

#KhaidiNo150: Megastar's show! His charisma overshadows flaws & predictable script. He makes it work with dances, performance. #KhaidiNo150: DSP's songs have worked big time. On screen, they are more appealing thanks to Chiru's graceful steps & classy picturisation.

venkyreviews ‏@venkyreviews

#KhaidiNo150 1st half is average. Flashback and dances are very good but unnecessary comedy and romantic scenes are negatives. Boss is Back! #KhaidiNo150 2nd half is also average. Some emotional scenes and dances are good again but bad comedy and routine scenes ruin the flow #KhaidiNo150 Overall below avg to avg. Dances and Emotional scenes are highlights but routine comedy/scenes ruin the flow. Rating: 2.75/5

Ravi Shankar ‏@blockbusterray

#KhaidiNo150 first half ok second half superb . Songs fights n mega star acting peaks . Camera work top class #KhaidiNo150 will be Chiru came back film for sure superb run time is also a big plus no lag in the movie . Sure shot Hit to super hit film

Straight Talk ‏@Direct_Shooter

Interval....Good first half... Boss dances lo koncham slow ayyadu thappithe performance wise he is truly back. #KhaidiNo150's a showcase of what Chiranjeevi is as a wholesome actor...The mega charismatic star returns home in style. #KhaidiNo150.

Sriram Varma ‏@sriramForU

Megastar Unchanged.... Perfect blend of Dances, fights, comedy timing and emotional man show Good first half #KhaidiNo150 Done with #KhaidiNo150... No major complaints, climax could've been better... yet, the First Telugu hit of 2017.. Boss is Back #KhaidiNo150

Siddhu Manchikanti ‏@TravelwithSid

Katti stry by Murugadoss itself a Very strng Sub wid full dose of com elemnts on a social msg.#KhaidiNo150 is Chiru's charishma + Katti stry Chiru becomes the saviour when Vinayak tries to modify Katthi stry with some unnscry scenes.Climax fight + last 10 min was worst and boring.

Akhil Sravan Kumar ‏@sravannerella00

Let me tell you this, #KhaidiNo150 is strictly for MEGA fans. MegaSTAR dazzles with his dances, screen presence, dialogues and list goes on... #KhaidiNo150 falls short of #Katthi. Except for MEGA STAR Chiranjeevi and Couple of songs, there is not even single thing which impresses.

Thinkal Menon ‏@film_enthusiast

#KhaidiNo150 Feast for #MegaStarChiranjeevi fans. Faithful remake overall though becomes a little weak towards climax #BossIsBack #KhaidiNo150 #MegaStar proves supremacy in dance movements & screen presence again. Coin fight scene in #Kaththi recreated with same impact

Shreyas ‏@shreyas3hs

A perfect Chiranjeevi film in all aspects and a comeback can't be better than this. Liked it more than the original! #KhaidiNo150 Comedy lo ease and dance lo grace The Megastar is back to rewrite the records of Tollywood! #KhaidiNo150 #MillionDollarPremiereKhaidiNo150

Chaitanya Polukonda ‏@ChaituPolukonda

#KhaidiNo150 first half avg with no single high moment for common audience. A MUCH Better second half is needed for this movie to success #KhaidiNo150 1st half For fans = For common audience = Strictly AVG

Thej ‏@Itsme_Thej

Megastar screen presence and acting will be , Dances arrachakam, overallga allrounderga come back #KhaidiNo150 Songs r visual treat *me me u& me grace movements *rattalu and ammadu songs mass Climax fight kevv #KhaidiNo150 Boss will satisfy you in every aspect of an actor abilities ☺ rest manam chuskundham ✋ #KhaidiNo150FromJan11th Dances will be will get to know why hes called as Indias alltime greatest dancer ☺ #KhaidiNo150

RK ‏@RKTwts

Second half lo burra sai madhav dlgs #KhaidiNo150 Second half bagundi .. 2 songs second half dlgs highlite .. comedy inkastha better ga unte bagundedi .. one time watch #KhaidiNo150

Khaidi No 150 ratings by audience: 4/5