KGF Movie Review
Rocking Star Yash in KGF.PR Handout

Sandalwood is witnessing something Ravichandran had done close to three decades ago. His Shanti Kranti was released in multilingual and hogged the media attention across the country. Now, Rocking Star Yash's latest movie is seeing light of the day in five languages (Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi) and has created a lot of buzz around it.

The movie tells the story of a man whose unpleasant experience in his early days shaped him as a person, for whom the sky is the limit. With a strong attitude and courage, Rocky (Yash) turns a big name in Mumbai underworld, but destiny brings him to the blood-soaked Kolar Gold Mines (KGF). He stands up for the oppressed and how he emerges victorious is brilliantly narrated by Prashanth Nee;.

Yash, who picks the scripts purely based on its merits, has teamed up with director Prashanth Neel of Ugramm fame for KGF, produced by Hombale Films. Debutant Srinidhi Shetty plays the female lead in which Ananth Nag and Malavika play important roles. Vasishta N Simha, Beesu Suresh, Srinivasa Murthy, BS Avinash and host of other actors are part of the film.

The major attraction of KGF is the special number of Tamannaah Bhatia in South Indian versions. Mouni Roy has enacted the same number in the Hindi version.

KGF has the music of Ravi Basrur. 'Salaam Rocky Bhai', 'Dheera Dheera,' 'Sidila Barava' and 'Jokae' have turned out to be chartbusters in the Kannada version. The movie has Bhuvan Gowda's cinematography and Shrikanth's editing.


Here, we bring you the viewers' response to KGF as and when it is out online:

Faridoon Shahryar: It's a Kannada film that's dubbed in Hindi but the Hindi dialogues r whistle worthy.They remind you of vintage Salim Javed penning for Amitabh Bachchan at his peak.The mother son relationship has been showcased beautifully...a typical 70s staple but still works effectively
Interval of #KGF ....Yash is a volcano of superstardom...the film is a hard core masala action drama so far with fine period detailing ....

shreyas s: (1/2) #KGFReview #KGF
First half - 2.5/5
Not the best of starts for the hype it created so 2.5. It takes a considerable amount of time to fall in place, n find a rhythm. Hints of brilliance. But towards the last ten minutes you can notice all the graphs going up exponentially.

Naveen C Singh: @TheNameIsYash is really the rockstar in this visual spectacle #KGF , loved his performance(he speaks with his eyes), Production value, BGM & detailing in 2nd half is absolutely amazing. Eagerly waiting for the final chapter. Hats off to @prashanth_neel for his tremendous work.

D.Mohan: Man #KGF was too good. storytelling, narration, dialogues, direction @prashanth_neel was too good. Chapter 1 was just the beginning of #KGF .... Chapter 2 will be more grand ....became fan of Rocky Bhai @TheNameIsYash . @excelmovies @hombalefilms

CM: Done watching #KGF
Film is so good that u just have to sit, Unlimited entertainment and taunting Climax
It has real actions, refined visuals
Go for it guys
Villains and bgm highly pointy
Yash character reminds u of a hero and villain both at a time!

Harshavardhan Rao: KGF KGF KGF KGF MY RATING WOULD BE{4.9/5}. One of the best movie in the sandalwood industry.... #amazing n wonderful movie .This movie has carved a niche in the world of Indian cinema and has made realised the western counterparts about how much Indian film industries has developed to match the Hollywood movies.And the credit goes to its phenomenal director PRASHANTH NEEL AND HERO YASH and his team who has worked tremendously for years to create this historic epic.keep it sir.

Mahi Gowda: Urvashi 4am.... Crazy feeling in n out side
This is my first review so can't tell u the story....
Its a theatrical amazing amazing...
But I'm looking forward to chapter 2....
One has to be in best theatre to experience it...

Curiously curious what it pulls you to the edge of seats
The first half blows your mind .... Action filled powerful dialogues '
Mannerisms of characters...
Bgm... Songs ... Just takes you to another level ...
The real world of kgf unfolds in second half...
You have to be in theatre to experience it....
You can't miss a scene....
I feel chapter one is just a invitation to chapter two....
Imagine how fantastic it will be...
I'm Rocky..
Be it screenplay sentiment n action .......feels perfect for a film...
I loved it... And I strongly recommend you to watch

Kunwar Abhishek Singh: Just mindblowing...what an awesome movie everyone must watch this one in theatres .....
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Kiran Kumar: #KGF movie beere jagattu torsikottide mind-blowing...correct aagi movie nodi story manasalli uliyuthe @SrinidhiShetty7 @prashanth_neel @Karthik1423 @VKiragandur chapter 2 alli @TheNameIsYash police station enda karkondu hogoke eedi syenane baaruthe A big ticket kfi movie finally manage to live upto the hype. #KGF chapter 1 a clear winner and everything to wait for chapter 2. A big moment of pride for #kannada film industry, a game changer magnum opus. KGF team take a bow

Frank Paul Raj: Oh my God... Oh my god.... Oh my God.... Heroism at its peak...the movie just keeps launching , launching, launching....... The crowd voice actyally is at its peak during end cards. Hits bulls eye... Don't miss it

Rohit Venkatraman: #KGF #KGFReview - The rise of #RockyBhai , The film starts on a High note & the end (pre-climax) takes this film to a different level. Felt that the screenplay could have still been better post intermission where you feel slightly bored with the way the narrative was designed. #KGF #KGFReview - You also get to experience the minute references of @selvaraghavan 's EPIC #AayirathilOruvan in the 2nd half where the Protagonist discovers his path to glory. @TheNameIsYash has an amazing on screen presence with his rugged looks & he gets a solid role :)

Raju: #KGF as Xpectd is epic, like nvr before n probably nvr again. Hatsoff 2 #PrashanthNeel for his vision wit mind blowing script which holds u evry moment. #Yash stands for his words "Nanu barovargu maatra bere avara havaa, nan bandmele nande havaa" #RaviBarsurgrt BGM #Blockbuster

Kaavya: Sir Ravi Barsur Sir
Sir Bhuvan Gowda Sir
Sir Prashanth Neel Sir
Hats off @VKiragandur sir
Sir @TheNameIsYash sir
Thank you wholeheartedly to the entire team of #KGF #Mysore | The product is bigger than any GOLD MINE
"One thing is for sure, This movie will create history.. Pan India" - one of the audiences today! #KGF

vasu: #KGF #Yash #anntamma
30mins into the movie and it is SUPER AWESOME.

Namana Lakshmikanth: Being an ardent appu fan I feel so proud of #KGF! Yash ur truly inspiring! Never been so excited for a movie! I'm sure it will be a Blockbuster!! Great things take long time to happen. 4 years of hard work will be paid off!! @KGFTheFilm

Yash Rajit: Finally, get to watch #kgf anticipated flick.
Rocky bhai is Taylor made for Yash. He shows immense performance. movie involving dark shades behind KGF is well shown! bit lag & narration is slow. Overall my ratings is 2.75/5 could've done better.
Visuals top notch.

Govind nayaka: Blockbuster
No one can Prashant neel screenplay
Anant Nag performance just mind blowing
Camera work is like painting
Ravi basur is major plus to watch in big screen what a BGM Salam Ravi Bhai
Each & every shot you will enjoy