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Director Prashanth Neel's movie KGF: Chapter 1 starring Yash and Srinidhi Shetty, has rececieved mixed reviews and rating from the Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam viewers.

KGF: Chapter 1 is a Kannada-language action-period drama and it is the first installment in the two-part series, followed by KGF: Chapter 2. Prashanth Neel has written the script and dialogues for the film, which has been produced by Vijay Kiragandur under the banner Hombale Films. It has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.50 hours.

KGF: Chapter 1 story: Set in the Kolar Gold Fields in the 1980s, Rocky (Yash) is an ambitious boy, who wants to die as the richest and most powerful man. He embarks on the mission from the streets of Bombay to the fields of KGF. Will he fulfill his dream? A journalist chronicles his life towards success.

It is written and directed by Prashanth Neel and produced by Vijay Kiragandur under the banner Hombale films. The film stars Yash and Srinidhi Shetty in the lead roles.

Since its subject has a pan India appeal, the makers have dubbed and released KGF: Chapter 1 in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam with the original version on the same day. Yash is undoubtedly one of the most popular actors in Kannada and many were curiously waiting to see non-Kannada audience will receive his film. But it has managed to impress most of them.

KGF: Chapter 1 movie review live updates: We bring you some non-Kannada viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see the audience's response.

Faridoon Shahryar @iFaridoon

.#KGF is an over the top, loud but a very powerful film that successfully convinces you as a viewer that the underprivileged is being wronged in the most distasteful manner n the strong hero is their saviour whom they can trust ...The heady climax is simply terrific! It's a Kannada film that's dubbed in Hindi but the Hindi dialogues r whistle worthy.They remind you of vintage Salim Javed penning for Amitabh Bachchan at his peak.The mother son relationship has been showcased beautifully...a typical 70s staple but still works effectively #KGF Action is stylised n is definitely over the top but it's a full on commercial pot boiler so one ought to look in that context. Important part is that who's performing the stunts n Yash has been presented as a super hero n he looks damn convincing in Action sequences .. #KGF Yash is having a towering presence.He has these brooding angry eyes that convey so much.He looks convincing as the man who can singlehandedly decimate opposition. He shall surely win fans all across India post #KGF The movie ends at a poignant point that confidently announces the sequel. #KGF is a masala entertainer that will appeal to the lovers of commercial potboilers. Yash is in supreme form. Go for it!

Avinash Ranganath‏ @avi_ranganath

Make no mistake #KGF is as commercial it can get, but there is an artist in every frame of the movie, this movie is more about technicians than the Actor, taking nothing away from Yash..this is purely Kannada technician's Win! #KGF Ravi Basrur, Bhuvan Gowda,Shivu along with Prashant Neel have proven that there is no dearth of Talent in Kannada, in any industry this could have been a 300 crore movie, that is how rich the movie looks! #KGF Finally, to dedicate 2 years of time being at the prime of your career.. needs conviction, passion and guts..Yash couldn't have spent a worthy 2 years than on #KGF, this is going to do big things for him!He is brilliant as Rocky! Negatives about #KGF, the story and plot is a little thin and way too many characters where none of the characters apart from Yash makes a deep impact, but when you are saying so many things in one part of a 2 part movie..it happens, cn be overlooked!

Danish Sait @DanishSait

Just out of the theatre after watching #KGF If you're searching for the strongest shoulders in the world, look no further ... @TheNameIsYash is a monster! Haven't experienced such star power in a long long time. Loved @vasishtansimha too! KGF is a gold mine

Thyview‏ @Thyview

#KGF 1st half is decent. It's basically filled with scenes elevation #yash..no other character is registered properly as most of the them are introduced through exposition, But 1st half is filled with crowd pleasing moments, pure fan stuff. Visuals n BGM are good. #KGF - Festival for Masses 2nd half emotions + Elevations peaks and the Climax full "Paisa Vasool " If you are a fan of commercial cinema , Don't Miss it Thyview Rating : 8/10 #KGF this films follows the same super hit template " How an outsider became a messiah for Masses ". & director prashant succeded in showing #yash as never before . A perfect example on how to showcase a star and make a near perfect commercial action drama.

Ramesh Bala @rameshlaus

#KGF 1st Half: Grand visuals.. @TheNameIsYash is rocking as Rocky.. His one-liners and action.. His Childhood days and Mumbai intro and action sequences r Mass.. Birthday gal @tamannaahspeaks is fab in a special song.. Stage is set for a Grand 2nd half..

Kaushik LM @LMKMovieManiac

#KGF 1st half - The things that stand out are the grand visual scale, the gritty visual tone, the good background score and the ultimately stylish @TheNameIsYash as the deadly gangster #Rocky. The story will move to KGF in the 2nd half. Many characters in play, in the story. #KGF 1st half - Was amused to hear the "If you are bad, I'm your dad" dialog here too. Some of the Tamil punchlines are pretty punchy and heavy!

Sushanth Nallapareddy‏ @sushanthreddy

Apart from last 20 mins... #KGF was such a bore !!... when there is no proper character establishment... no emotional connect.. all that non stop action and hero elevation just becomes the headache !!

Christopher Kanagaraj‏ @Chrissuccess

#KGF - 'Trailers r deceiving'. Started with a bang & then film went to death mode. Weak content, pathetic screenplay, aimless & outdated scenes made it worst. Yash's style, bgm & cinematography r on plus side. Rushed editing frustrates. Nothing interesting. Huge Disappointment!

Sujan Muralidhar‏ @SujanMuralidhar

#KGF Honest review: The first half emphasises on Rocky.A few bits are confusing but later cleared. The second half is exceptional! Few elevation scenes give goosebumps!The climax revelation will make people go crazy.1st half could be better#yash&#SrinidhiShetty are 3.75/5.

Murthy Suriya‏ @suriya8827

Ee rojullo okka hero elevation scene unte great. Alantidi first half lo max hero elevations. BGM super. @TheNameIsYash kummesadu. #KGF

MAHESH ANE NENU‏ @_dasarabullodu

#Kgf First half over Suoerb movie with good elevation scenes for yash Each And every scene is gripping #KGFReview

Rohit Jaiswal @rohitjswl01

#KGF is Dark, Very Dark, many Scens not visible, as of Interval, Pure Raw Hardcore Masala film, which can Work in South India, but it will find difficult to get ATTENTION in Hindi belt, Dubbing very BAD Dialouges Not Upto the mark, #Yash performance is GOOD 2*/5 as of Interval #KGF fails to live up to Expectations, 1st Half still decent but 2nd Half FALLS FLAT Films are not judged Only on the Basis of Stardom, it's a OLD WINE in a new LABEL forget abt New Bottle, Only saviour #Yash M Surprised the way Makers hv dubbed this film 1.5*/5 #KGFReview

Sumit kadel @SumitkadeI

#KGF all style Zero Substance. No diamond found in this coal mine. Few good action sequences & Yash infectious screen presence, Thats about it, weak screen play & a bygone era story plays the villain in this film. Rating- ⭐️