A still from "Nine Lives"
A still from "Nine Lives"

From slimy senator to legendary crooner, Academy award-winner Kevin Spacey has donned many hats during his illustrious acting career. However, becoming a cat is probably the wildest role we have ever seen him in.

In the upcoming film "Nine Lives," Spacey plays a ruthless business tycoon Tom Brand, who puts his work before family. To appease his daughter who wants to spend more time him, Tom buys her a cat from a weird, old pet shop owner Felix Grant (Christopher Walken).

On his way home, a "Freaky Friday"-like situation ensues and Tom becomes the cat. Felix is the mastermind behind this switcheroo and he advices Tom to reconcile with his wife Lara, played by Jennifer Garner and daughter Rebecca, played by Malina Weissman.

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What ensues is hilarious madness that you need to watch and experience. "Nine Lives" makes for a perfect family date movie and Spacey as a cat may possibly be the weirdest, funniest and most entertaining thing you will see in a children's comedy.

"Nine Lives" director Barry Sonnenfeld says that Spacey was the lead in the film "for exactly the same reason why Tommy Lee Jones was the right guy for 'Men in Black' or Gene Hackman was right for 'Get Shorty'... You oftentimes don't want someone who's known as a comedian to be in your comedy. Kevin's acerbic, cold demeanor is a perfect thing to put in a cute cat, because then everything he says is ironic, sarcastic and funny. "

The film will be released in Indian theatres and those in the Unites States on Friday, Aug. 5. Meanwhile, check out the trailer for "Nine Lives" here: