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Before there was Batman, there was "Gotham," which was pestered by several villains ranging from bullies to bats. So far, it had seemed like none other than Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) was interested in bringing these villains to justice but that is not the case anymore, because there is a new journalist in town.

Fans of DC Comics might know Vicki Vale, the Marilyn Monroe-inspired character, who worked for the Gotham Gazette. She wrote many articles about Batman's activities and was attracted to him. Vicki also developed a crush on Bruce Wayne for a while and was suspicious that they were the same person.

A character known as Valerie Vale is expected to debut in Season 3 of "Gotham," and she is said to be Vicki's aunt. It does make perfect sense, because she could be the inspiration for Vicki to become a journalist in the future.

In the current timeline, however, Valerie would be seen trying to sniff out the truth about the criminal activities in Gotham from Jim. There is even a possibility for their romantic involvement, as we do not know how successful Jim's attempts at winning Lee (Morena Baccarin) back will be.

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Yet another cast member hired for Season 3 is "The Punisher" star James Carpinello. He is expected to play the role of Mario Falcone, son of former King of Gotham's underworld and mafia boss Carmine "The Roman" Falcone (John Doman). Along with stirring up troubles on the streets of Gotham, the younger Falcone is also expected to cause troubles in Jim's personal life.

Meanwhile, a new Poison Ivy will be introduced on "Gotham" come Season 3. The r will be aged up to 19 after the young horticulture enthusiast has a run-in with an Indian Hill escapee. This has led Clare Foley to be replaced by "Ted 2" actress Maggie Geha.

The first two episodes of "Gotham" Season 3, which will premiere on Monday, Sept. 19, are "Better to Reign in Hell..." and "Burn the Witch," respectively. For more updates and spoilers on the upcoming season, don't forget to check back here.