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Season four of "Scandal" is not back on until this Fall, and speculations swirling around suggest that the its lead actress, Kerry Washington, might not be associated with the show for long, as she is planning to dedicate her time to enjoying motherhood.

Washington gave birth to daughter Isabelle in April, and Enstarz reported that she is having a hard time leaving the baby's side.

"You could smell that she wanted this whole life: the baby, the husband, the in-laws [and] the house," Washington's friend, actress Diahann Carroll told E!News. "She wants it. She wants this baby and her husband wants the baby, so the baby is coming into an absolutely perfect situation."

Season three of "Scandal" ended with a twist that saw Olivia Pope, essayed by Washington, leaving everything behind and going off with Jake, played by Scott Foley. However, Washington said in a recent interview that she is unsure what's in store for Olivia in the love department when the show returns.

"I don't know, I really don't know. I always I'm not Team Jake or Team Fitz I'm team Shonda [Rhymes] so whatever Shonda writes I'm game," Washington told Gold Derby.

But the actress added that she wants Olivia to be able to find happiness and love.

On her on-again, off-again relationship with the married Fitz, Washington said that there could be an alternative or a better answer for Fitz and Olivia in the upcoming season.

"I understand the role Fitz plays in their heart and in her life. I get that they really really want to be together, so it's hard not to want that for them. But I also really trust the show, and I think it's possible that there could be a better answer for them. We think we know what's best for us, and life shows up with a different answer. So I don't know what's best for Olivia. I just want her to eventually be happy."

Meanwhile, Foley feels that Olivia should stick to Jake, as they have a chemistry that is lacking in her relationship with Fitz.

Making a case for Olivia and Jake, Foley said: "I think he and Olivia had something right off the bat, something that maybe Olivia and Fitz didn't necessarily have. There's a chemistry they had from the get-go that is hard for Olivia to deny. If she could deny it, she wouldn't be making out with Jake. Jake wouldn't even be in the picture.

"She knows he's B613, that he had been watching her, all this stuff … and he's still around. And I think it's because Olivia wants him around," Foley told Vulture in an earlier interview.