In the last three-part "Girl Meets Texas" episodes, we saw Riley (Rowan Blanchard), Lucas (Peyton Meyer) and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) sort out their feelings for each other. The brilliantly executed episodes were aired back-to-back and since then, the show has been on a short hiatus.

This week too, "Girl Meets World" will not air a new episode on Friday, 30 October. However, we have gotten a little tease for the upcoming "Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project", which will be aired the next Friday, 6 November.

The episode is special, especially for Maya, because it will mark the first appearance of her father, Kermit (David Thomas Jenkins). Fans know that Kermit left Maya's mother, when she was very young, and has not kept in touch with them since then. However, for a class assignment about forgiveness, Maya writes to her father in an attempt at forgiving him for abandoning her.

But she is not prepared for his return and we do not know how it will affect her. Fans would be more keen to know how Kermit's return will affect the budding relationship between Shawn (Rider Strong) and Katy (Cheryl Texiera).

While Maya has tried to push the two of them towards each other, will her father's return promise her an opportunity to rebuild their family? If yes, she is more likely to wish for her mother and father to get another shot at being together than wanting to see Shawn wreck her chance at having a complete and "normal" family.

However, if you know Maya, you know that she is a smart girl, and constantly has her moral compass – Riley – by her side. Sooner or later, she will realise that it is not worth pining for a father who left her, especially when she has Shawn willing to take care of her and loves her as his own daughter.