E Bull Jet is a popular YouTube channel among Keralites, and the channel enjoys a huge following of 1.84 million. Ebin Varghese and Libin Varghese, the YouTuber brothers who run this channel have always tried to spice up their travel memoirs and events, and most of these videos were warmly welcomed by their fans. However, on Monday, the YouTuber brothers faced legal heat when they created an unwanted ruckus in Regional Transport Office, Kannur. 

YouTubers who did not want to follow law of the land

The YouTubers created a scene after the Motor Vehicles Department fined them for allegedly violating rules and modification norms of their vehicle, known as Napolean. Before visiting the RTO office, the YouTubers had also urged their fans to support them, and it created a row on social media platforms. 

E Bull Jet

After reaching the RTO office, the YouTubers created a scene and started shouting. Soon, the RTO informed the police, and a team arrived at the spot. The YouTubers later started recording everything on their mobile phones, and they resisted when the police started taking them into custody. 

During the time of arrest, the YouTubers cried, shouted, and protested, and alleged that the Motor Vehicles Department is trying to spoil his life. Motor Vehicle Inspector V T Padmalal revealed that the YouTubers had reached the RTO office with more than 20 people, and they intentionally tried to create a scene in a government institution. 

Kannur town station house officer Sreejith Koderi revealed that the YouTubers tried to create issues in the RTO office, at a time when Covid safety protocols are widely followed across the state. The YouTubers were produced before the Kannur First Class Judicial Magistrate Court and were remanded for two weeks. 

YouTubers installed an ambulance siren

A few weeks back, the YouTubers had uploaded a video where they can be seen driving their van with an ambulance siren. At one point in time, a police jeep can be also seen making way for their vehicle thinking that the YouTubers are driving an ambulance. 

Even after violating the law of the land several times, the YouTubers enjoy a massive fan following. Most of their ardent fans who are not aware of the law of the land claim that E Bull Jet has not violated any rules, and they urge the government to allow modifications of the vehicle.