Remya Haridas, a Congress MP from the Alathur constituency in Kerala has allegedly violated Covid protocol, by entering a restaurant to have food on Sunday. In Kerala, due to the complete lockdown during weekends, dining inside the hotel is prohibited, but Remya along with her aides were seen sitting inside the restaurant with glasses on their table. It was during this time that a Swiggy delivery boy who is also an IAS aspirant entered the hotel and captured the visuals. 

Remya Haridas MP violated Covid protocols

As the Swiggy delivery boy named Sanoof along with his friend Azad questioned Remya Haridas, the MP replied that she entered the hotel to buy a parcel. But the visuals clearly indicated that Remya and her aides were all set to have food. Interestingly, former MLA VT Balram was also present with Remya Haridas during the alleged incident, and none of them were seen wearing masks. 

Remya Haridas
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Later, the visuals clearly show aides of Remya Haridas manhandling Sanoof and his friend Azad. A local Congress leader named Palayam Pradeep can be seen abusing Sanoof, and he even tried to pull the young men who questioned the irresponsible act of the MP. 

Did Remya Haridas misuse women's protection laws in India? 

As the video of the incident surfaced online, Remya Haridas claimed that Sanoof and her friend tried to grab her hand, and it was the reason behind the clash. However, Sanoof strongly denied this allegation, and he requested police officers to check the CCTV visuals to confirm the incident. 

"I am a delivery boy and YouTuber. I am also an IAS aspirant. Remya Haridas MP is a responsible figure, and she is not supposed to behave in such a ridiculous manner. A person named Pradeep abused us. And later, Remya Haridas told an online news portal that I tried to grab her hand. What is this? Is the MP trying to misuse women's protection laws in India? When common men like us used to eat in a car, then the police will impose fine on us. But a responsible person like Remya Haridas can break the rules," Sanoof told Reporter TV.