Lok Sabha elections

The wait is finally over and the much-anticipated 2019 Lok Sabha election results will be declared on Thursday, May 23. In Kerala, the main battle is between UDF led by the Indian National Congress and LDF led by CPI(M). Surprisingly, BJP is also making their presence felt in Kerala this time, and several exit polls have predicted that the ruling party will open their first ever Lok Sabha seat this year in the state. 

Apart from the News 18 exit poll, most of the media outlets have predicted UDF's triumph in the state. Most of the news channels revealed that UDF may win as many as 17 out of the 20 seats, while LDF will manage 3-4 seats this time. 

Stay with International Business Times, India for latest updates of the election results. 

Live Updates

2019-05-2314:02 (IST)

Only one seat for LDF in Kerala

As the election count is reaching its final stage, LDF is leading only in Alappuzha, while UDF leads in 19 seats. BJP once again failed to open their account in Kerala. 

2019-05-2313:14 (IST)

PK Kunjalikkutty's majority reaches 2 lakh

UDF's PK Kunjalikkutty's majority in the Malappuram Lok Sabha constituency has now crossed the 2 lakh mark.

2019-05-2313:01 (IST)

Five UDF candidates cross 1 lakh majority in Kerala

Its an in and out UDF wave in Kerala, and as per latest updates, five UDF candidates, Remya Haridas, Rahul Gandhi, PK Kunjalikutty, Hybi Eeden and Dean Kuriakose has crossed a majority of 1 lakh. 

2019-05-2312:18 (IST)

CPI(M) only hope remains in Alappuzha

A M Aarif is trying hard to save the face of CPI(M). As per updates, the LDF leader is leading in a margin of 5011 votes. 

2019-05-2312:04 (IST)

K Sudhakaran's lead in Kannur nearing 50,000

Latest figures reveal that K Sudhakaran is leading in the Kannur constituency by 42,600 votes.  As more than 40 percent counting is already completed, chances of PK Sreemathi bouncing back are pretty low. 

2019-05-2311:40 (IST)

Remya Haridas thanked voters in Alathur constituency

Remya Haridas who has already procured a lead of more than 67,000 met the media before a few minutes, and she thanked all the voters in Alathur constituency. 

2019-05-2311:27 (IST)

UDF's clean sweep, CPI(M) and BJP fails to get even a single seat

UDF is now leading in all the 20 Lok Sabha constituencies, while BJP and CPI(M) are not leading anywhere. As per the latest updates, UDF's Rajmohan Unnithan is now leading in Kasargode in a margin of 1800 votes. 

2019-05-2310:59 (IST)

PK Biju's unexpected fall in Alathur

The name Remya Haridas was unfamiliar to voters until Congress released their candidate list a couple of months back. However, in the counting day, she has shown the signs of emerging as the winner in Alathur constituency, and as per current updates, she is leading the contest in a margin of 44,000 votes. 

2019-05-2310:51 (IST)

CPI(M) leading in two seats, UDF grabs command in 18

In Alappuzha, CPI(M) is leading in a minor margin of just 993 votes, while KP Satheesh Chandran of LDF leads by 3,000 votes. 

2019-05-2310:24 (IST)

Rahul Gandhi's majority in Wayanad crosses 85000

Rahul Gandhi is heading towards a record majority in Wayanad, and as per the latest updates, he is leading in a margin of 85,000 votes. 

2019-05-2310:22 (IST)

VK Sreekandan creates magic in Palakkad

In Palakkad, CK Sreekandan is ahead of reigning MP MB Rajesh in a margin of 32,564 votes. In Alathur, UDF's Remya Haridas is leading by 23,000 votes, while in Ernakulam, Hybi Eeden is ahead of the LDF candidate in a margin of 28,000 votes. 

2019-05-2310:18 (IST)

CPI(M) facing disaster, UDF wave hits the state

Latest updates reveal that LDF led by CPI(M) is facing the disaster of all time, as the right front is leading in 19 seats out of 20. UDF's PK Kunjalikutty's majority crosses 50,000. 

2019-05-2309:49 (IST)

Remya Haridas, the unexpected warrior

Alathur was widely considered as a sure shot constituency for LDF. However, Remya Haridas' entry as the UDF candidate turned things upside down, and per the latest updates, she is leading in a margin of 18,000 votes. 

2019-05-2309:43 (IST)

Lok Sabha results 2019 - Kerala LIVE: UDF wave hits Kerala

VK Sreekandan's lead in Palakkad goes sky high, and it is now 21,956. In Alathur, UDF's Remya Haridas leads by 11,689 votes. 

2019-05-2309:26 (IST)

UDF leads in all 20 seats

As per the latest updates, UDF is leading in all the 20 constituencies in Kerala

2019-05-2309:07 (IST)

BJP's K Surendran leading in Pathanamthitta

Pulling Veena George to the back seat, NDA's K Surendran is leading in Pathanamthitta by 860 votes. 

2019-05-2308:57 (IST)

CPI(M) losing Palakkad

As per the latest updates, UDF's VK Sreekandan is leading in Palakkad by 12,000 votes. In Thrissur, TN Prathapan is leading, while Suresh Gopi is nowhere in the picture. 

2019-05-2308:51 (IST)

Rahul Gandhi leads in Wayanad by more than 5000 votes

Rahul Gandhi leads in Wayanad by 5000 votes. UDF's Shashi Tharoor leads in Thiruvananthapuram by 3305 votes. Remya Haridas leads in Alathur by 2015 votes. 

2019-05-2308:46 (IST)

UDF: 15, LDF: 05, BJP: 00

Latest updates reveal that UDF is leading in 15 seats in Kerala, while LDF is leading in just 5 seats. Rahul Gandhi has once again raised his upper hand, and he is now leading by 933 votes. 

2019-05-2308:41 (IST)

VK Sreekandan leads in Palakkad constituency

Surprisingly, UDF's VK Sreekandan is leading by 4340 votes. As per the latest updates, the EVM counting in Palakkad is now happening in the assemblies where UDF has an upper hand, and this lead may change at any time when the EVM counting gets started in LDF dominated areas. 

2019-05-2308:37 (IST)

Lok Sabha results 2019 - Kerala LIVE: Shashi Tharoor leads in Thiruvananthapuram

Initially, BJP's Kummanam Rajasekharan was leading in Thiruvananthapuram constituency, but as per the latest updates, UDF's Shashi Tharoor is leading by 66 votes. UDF is leading in 12 constituencies in Kerala, while LDF is leading in 8 seats. 

2019-05-2308:28 (IST)

Lok Sabha results 2019 - Kerala LIVE: Rahul Gandhi raises his majority in Wayanad

In Wayanad, Rahul Gandhi is leading by 333 votes. On the other hand, PK Biju is continuing his steady run, and as per the latest updates, the CPI(M) leader is leading by 111 votes. 

2019-05-2308:23 (IST)

Lok Sabha results 2019 - Kerala LIVE: LDF 10, UDF 9, BJP 1

As postal vote counting is progressing steadily in Kerala, UDF is leading in 9 seats, LDF is leading in 10, while NDA is having an upper hand in one constituency. 

2019-05-2308:18 (IST)

Lok Sabha results 2019 - Kerala LIVE - PK Biju leads in Alathur constituency

As postal voting comes to an end, CPI(M)'s PK Biju is leading in Alathur constituency. It should be noted that several exit polls had predicted PK Biju's failure in this election. A few minutes back, UDF's candidate Remya Haridas had expressed her confidence in winning the Alathur constituency. 

2019-05-2308:11 (IST)

Lok Sabha results 2019 - Kerala LIVE: LDF's A Sampath leads in Attingal, P Jayarajan in Vadakara

As per the latest updates, LFD's A Sampath is leading by 49 votes. In Vadakara, P Jayarajan is leading at the end of the postal vote counting. Surprisingly, Kummanam Rajasekharan of BJP is leading in the Thiruvananthapuram constituency. Stay tuned with us to know more up to date information. 

2019-05-2308:01 (IST)

Lok Sabha results 2019 - Kerala LIVE - The counting begins

As expected, the counting process has officially begun in India. In another few hours, people will know who will win in the 17th Lok Sabha elections. 

2019-05-2307:58 (IST)

Lok Sabha results 2019 - Kerala LIVE - Postal vote counting to begin in another three minutes

It has been learned that postal votes will be counted initially. In the meantime, officers will also start counting from the electronic voting machines. The initial trend will be revealed by 08.10 AM. 

2019-05-2307:53 (IST)

Lok Sabha results 2019 - Kerala LIVE - CPI(M) may feel the heat

The election counting in Kerala will begin at 08.00 AM. Brace yourself, in the next few hours, more than one billion people will know who will rule them in the next five years.