To curb the growing menace of violence against women, the Kerala police have initiated "Operation Whistle" in the state. 

The initiative, launched in Malappuram on 7 September, aims at protecting the women against molesters and eve-teasers and has been introduced with the help of school students. 

As part of a drill, a man harassed some girls at Manjeri CV Haji bus stand in Malappuram on Monday when the latter blew the whistle. Soon people gathered there and they were about to beat him up when they were informed that it was an operation by the police to create awareness among people and the "eve-teaser" was actually a police officer.

"This is an attempt to create awareness among people and after knowing that they will be attacked by others on hearing the sound of the whistle, we hope such eve-teasers will refrain from doing it," said Manjeri circle inspector Sunny Chacko.

"We have got confidence now, if anyone tries to attack us, we will definitely defend," a schoolgirl said.  

How does "Operation Whistle" work?

Carry a whistle and if somebody tries to molest or eve-tease you, just blow it and let others know you are in trouble.

Watch the video of "Operation Whistle" in Manjeri below:

Video Credit: Manorama News