The probe into the online sex racket case has revealed something sinister - the agent, Joshy aka Achayan - has reportedly confessed to using HIV patients to prevent the women who attempted to escape the racket. 

To do so, he used his 23-year-old driver, an HIV patient.

His modus operandi was simple. First, the women were forced to have sex with the driver, for which he would offer them double the money. Later, they were presented to clients with whom the gang had some kind of a personal grudge. The information about the women suffering from HIV would be communicated through phone to the clients later.

The chilling confession was made by him to the Kerala police, as reported by the media. Joshy surrendered to the police on 23 November.

Reports suggest that Achayan did not have any connection with Rahul Pashupalan and Resmi Nair, who were arrested a few days ago for running the online sex racket. He denied any connection with the couple and said that he saw them for the first time only when he was taken to Pattanakkaad for gathering evidence in connection with the case.

Joshy, who hails from Kodencheri in Kozhikode, is also the fifth accused in the Paravoor sex scandal case, and is connected with the Varapuzha scandal case. He had also been in prison for five months in connection with the cases.