Sabarimala women entry
YouTube: 24 News Malayalam

A senior Kerala minister, on Saturday, January 5, attacked the Sabarimala temple's Tantri (chief priest), calling him a "Brahmin monster" for conducting a 'purification' ceremony after two women in the menstrual age group entered the shrine.

The women, Kanakadurga (44) and Bindu (42), entered the shrine and offered prayers on Wednesday, breaking a centuries-old tradition.

Following this, the tantri, Kandaru Rajeevaru, closed the sanctum sanctorum to perform the 'purification' ceremony. Kerala public works department (PWD) minister and senior CPI(M) leader, G Sudhakaran asked if a man who treated "a sister as impure" can be considered human.

"The tantri is a symbol of caste devil. He is not a Brahmin. He is a Brahmin monster. If a Brahmin becomes a monster, he will be a terror," he told reporters here.

"He is not a 'shuddha (pure) Brahmin'. He does not have any love, respect and allegiance towards Lord Ayyappa," the minister alleged. Kanakadurga and Bindu had entered the hallowed precinct that was guarded by police.

Their entry into the shrine came three months after the Supreme Court's historic judgment lifting the ban on the entry of girls and women aged between 10 and 50 into the hilltop shrine of Lord Ayyappa -- the eternally celibate deity.

Despite the court's ruling, which came on September 28 last year, no one from the 'barred' age group was able to offer prayers at the shrine because of frenzied protests by devotees and right-wing outfits.