When Thomas of Kizhakkambalam, Ernakulam, decided to rent out a portion of his house to the Kerala State Beverages Corporation Ltd (BEVCO), he had no inkling of the troubles he and his family would face due to this. Having a BEVCO outlet close to their house has now become a barrier for his son's wedding, even though he works as a nurse in Dubai.

Parents are not willing to send their daughters to a house that is very close to a beverage outlet, wary of the troubles their girl would have to face due to drunkards.

Thomas' son once got a marriage proposal from the parents of a nurse working in the United Kingdom, but upon seeing the beverage outlet next to their house, the girl's family didn't seem too enthusiastic. "The parents and relatives made it clear they were not ready to marry off their daughter to such a house. Had the marriage been solemnised, my son could have gone to the UK, where there is a lot of scope for male nurses," Thomas told the Times of India.

Thomas has also said they rarely open the front door or windows of their house, as they often see long queues of drunkards who relieve themselves while facing the house.

Meanwhile, as per the deal with BEVCO in 2011, Thomas had agreed to lease out a portion of his house till March 2014. Even though the agreement expired nearly two years ago, BEVCO officials haven't shifted from the place citing the non-provision of another building.

Thomas filed a complaint against them, and the munsiff court in Perumbavoor asked BEVCO to move out of the building. However, the corporation approached the high court and the case is now pending there.