Sajen Parayil
Sajen Parayil and PK Shyamalatwitter

The Kerala High Court has initiated suo motu proceedings over the suicide of Nigeria-returned entrepreneur Sajen Parayil, who ended his life on Tuesday after a building permit was denied for his Rs 15 crore convention centre.

The proceedings are being conducted as per the directions of the Chief Justice of Kerala on the basis of media reports after the municipality's negative take on Sajen's multi-project in which he had invested his life savings. As this message by the government institution will give a false message for the future entrepreneurs who want to invest in the country. The suo motu case has been taken against the Anthoor municipality secretary, Kannur district town planner and the local body secretary.

A 49-year-old Sajen, who was the managing director of Partha Builders had spent his blood and sweat to get his dream project alive but shortly after the construction began trouble started brewing as the municipality had ordered to demolish the building. But later with some political connections, he handled it and the town planning department issued a report in favour of him. Even after this, he was not granted the completion certificate and Sajen and his employees had to visit the municipality frequently for the building approval after the application was submitted on April 12.

After 18 days, Sajen was served with a notice by the municipality authorities claiming some problems in the parking area due to which his completion certificate was rejected. The mistakes were rectified and the application was resubmitted by Sajen in May but it also got rejected citing some other problems.

Even after submitting the application for the third time he was again served with a notice by the authorities on June. After this, he thought that his project will never be launched due to the official apathy and he took the extreme step of ending his life.

While the relatives have claimed personal vendetta by the PK Shyamala to be the reason behind Sajen's death the municipality authorities have claimed that the completion certificate was delayed due to some technical problems.

One of the relatives said Shyamala had threatened Sajen a couple of days ago saying, "You'll not get a permit for the convention centre as long as I am the chairperson." She was apparently angry over the fact that Sajen had approached former CPI (M) district secretary P Jayarajan seeking help.

According to the reports, disciplinary action will be taken against Shyamala, who is the district committee member of CPI (M) and wife of the party's central committee member Govindan. The matter will be discussed at the CPI (M) state secretariat tomorrow. The party members have also asked the municipality chairperson to give her resignation following the incident.