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KK Shailaja teacher, the honourable health minister of Kerala is facing a brutal attack on social media after she made comments on the flourishing illicit online charity mafia in the state. In her recent Facebook post, Shailaja teacher revealed that the government will take strict actions against online fundraising groups and people who conduct such operations illegally.

The minister made it clear that the government's social security mission is doing everything to ensure the wellbeing of the downtrodden. She also added that donations made to government's 'We Care' project are completely transparent.

Shailaja teacher's comments about illicit online charity came at a time when a social worker named Firos Kunnamparambil urged his fans to boycott Bank of India for not allowing him to sanction funds. Firos Kunnamparambil is known for conducting charity works for the past two years, and he used to do live videos on Facebook to amass funds.

However, a section of people strongly believes that operations conducted by charity workers like Firos Kunnamparambil are not transparent, as he is not using any charity trust accounts to handle foreign donations which mainly comes from the Middle East. As per these sceptics, Firos Kunnamparambil's activities are a blatant violation of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010.

Many people allege that self-proclaimed charity workers like Firos Kunnamparambil are apparently making an agreement with the patient before airing the video live on Facebook. These people believe that these social media charity workers are also charging a sum for taking these videos.

Sometimes, the patient may receive more than the amount he requested. In these times, the charity workers are asking the patients to transfer the remaining sum to their personal accounts.

As criticisms surrounding activities of charity workers like Firos looms online, fans of these self-proclaimed social activists have started attacking the Facebook profiles of people who criticise these activities.

KK Shailaja teacher's Facebook page is loaded with derogatory comments, and some people claim that a minister does not have any rights to question the activities of people like Firos. Some other people outlandishly argue that there is absolutely no problem if people like Firoz violate the financial rules prevailing in the nation.

Shailaja teacher
Shailaja teacher