14-year-old Rajat Menon was reportedly hacked to death by two other teenagers over a prank.
14-year-old Rajat Menon was reportedly hacked to death by two other teenagers over a prank.Reuters

One man has been arrested and his brother sent to a juvenile home for the murder of 15-year-old Kerala boy Rajat Menon in East Delhi. The duo, both sons of a local pan shop owner in Mayur Vihar, had claimed to be minors, but the juvenile court found that the elder brother named Alok is over 18 and will be tried for murder as an adult.

Rajat's post mortem report, which is yet to be made public, was filed by 4 p.m. on Thursday, and it allegedly says that the cause of death is blow to Rajat's private parts. The accused, Alok and his brother, were apprehended by 5 p.m. under Section 302 (Punishment for murder) and were taken to the juvenile court on Friday. Based on Alok's records the court ruled that he is legally an adult, but the co-accused, has been taken to a youth detention centre.

Meanwhile, their father and pan shop owner Dinesh who was arrested on Thursday has been let go. Although only his sons are accused in the murder of Alok, a source told International Business Times India that Dinesh was also involved in beating Rajat. It is understood that the victim's family will file a complaint against the police commissioner for letting him go.

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There have been strong accusations against the police of working with the accused in the murder case. It is understood that the cops had initially refused to file an FIR as there were no visible bruise marks on his body. It was only after pressure from the media and calls from the home ministry that an FIR was filed on Thursday, June 30. 

A source who was at the police station claims that despite repeated requests and demands the cops at the station said they would not file the FIR before a post mortem report comes in. "Filing an FIR has nothing to do with post mortem," the source told IBTimes India, before adding that the officers did not even conduct general enquiries regarding the attack.

Although there are CCTV cameras in front of the temples and ATMs on the road, through which the accused forcefully took Rajat from their pan shop to the park where the victim was allegedly killed, the cop are refusing to look into that, claims a source. He further adds that an unconscious Rajat's footwear was also left behind at the park when the brothers took him to the hospital, but even that has not been looked into.

There are also strong allegations that Dinesh sells marijuana at his pan kiosk and that despite many complaints against him, the police are yet to take any action. The cops are also accused of taking a cut from his profits. 

Based on the media reports about police's inaction, the Human Rights Commission has served a notice to the police, including the police commissioner and the East Delhi deputy commissioner. They will have to answer the following seven questions within a week and any delay in the matter will be considered as a violation of Supreme Court orders.

  1. What led to the death of Rajat Menon?
  2. When did the police learn about the death?
  3. When was the FIR registered?
  4. On the day of murder, Rajat's relatives and neighbours had held a protest outside the New Ashok Nagar police station. What was the reason for this?
  5. If there was any delay in registering the FIR or taking necessary action, what was the reason?
  6. Are the allegations about marijuana sale in pan shops at Mayur Vihar Phase III true?
  7. Mention the details regarding the development in the case.

Meanwhile, Kerala MPs M.B. Rajesh and A. Sampat have said that they will raise the issue about cops' alleged attempts to help the accused  at the Parliament.