Prithviraj Sukumaran's solo blockbuster "Ennu Ninte Moideen" has been occupying the top spot at the Kerala box office ever since it was released on 19 September. 

The film has completed 52 days of its theatrical run and the RS Vimal directorial is expected to have grossed more than Rs 36.2 crore in 50 days. 

On its 50th day, the makers released a deleted comedy scene of the film that shows Moideen (Prithviraj) trying to escape from the people, who were about to attack him.

The video, released on Sunday, has gone viral, with more than one lakh social media users watching it. However, looking at the comments section of the video on YouTube, it is understood that many viewers have a feeling that the makers took the right decision by deleting the scene. They have said that if this comedy scene had been part of the film, it would have distracted the attention of movie-goers from the emotions of the plot.

Watch the deleted scene below:

Certain other scenes were also deleted from the final copy of the film as it is a lengthy flick with a duration of 2 hours and 47 minutes.

The makers had earlier released another deleted scene from the movie, in which Kottatil Sethu (Bala) is seen confronting Moideen during their football match. The video was also an instant hit on social media and has been viewed by more than six lakh users at the time of reporting.

Watch the video HERE