In the British film industry, Kenneth Branagh may be one of the iconic figures for adapting plays of William Shakespeare with depictions of Modern Times but his newest project will deal with the most recent historic world leader in the history of the country. 

The actor who was recently seen in a negative role in Christopher Nolan's Tenet will essay the role of present Prime Minister of United Kingdoms, Boris Johnson. In a new series named This Sceptre Isle, the actor will play the Prime Minister and his efforts during the coronavirus pandemic centred mainly in London. The five-part web series will explore in-depth details of Johnson's efforts in coordination with scientists and health workers when they struggled during unprecedented times.

Kenneth Branaugh

New web series about pandemic

Michael Winterbottom who has gained fame for The Trip and 24 Hour Party People will be the director of the series. He has also co-written the project with Kieron Quirke who has earlier made his contributions for Defending the Guilty. 

"The first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic will be remembered forever," Winterbottom said in a statement to entertainment weekly. "A time when the country came together to battle an invisible enemy. A time when people were more aware than ever of the importance of community. Our series weaves together countless true stories — from Boris Johnson in Number 10 [Downing Street] to front line workers around the country — chronicling the efforts of scientists, doctors, care home workers and policymakers to protect us from the virus."

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Prime Minister of UK Boris Johnson is one of the world leaders who had been briefly hospitalized with COVID-19. The leftist section of Britain and the US have put his at par with former US President of the US, Donald Trump and critically followed their strategies during the COVID 19 crisis, when both the world leaders had tested positive for the virus.