Kendall Jenner
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In a recent photo shoot with Vogue Italia, Kendall Jenner sets the hearts of millions racing by baring it all for hundreds and thousands of fans to admire. The model is seen in nothing but a pair of shoes and yellow hand gloves.

Kendell, who is the star of the month for the magazine in Italy, has set the temperatures soaring with the latest shot, which was shared a few hours ago on her official Instagram handle. The model who goes with a reputation, usually for being reserved, might just have debuted with this photo.

In the sultry photo, you can see Kendall, standing, baring that sculpted back, while wearing just yellow gloves and shoes. She overlooks from her shoulder and gives a pretty look, seductively.

"told you it was drama," the caption said.

Although hot quotient has never been far away from all her social media uploads, the Jenner sisters have never been short of enthusiasm in the race with the Kardashians. The latter, are usually the ones who can drop their clothes, anytime, for some TRP boost. They practically invented that strategy for a business, that has developed quite a niche place with its set of audiences.

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i do my own stunts

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Kendall has also been making a lot of headlines with her affair with Ben Simmons. A few weeks back, she uploaded a small snippet from one her photo shoots. Under that photo, Simmons publicly commented asking her to come soon. The model was quick enough to reply with a racing emoji.

Kendall has also been fighting a lot with her acne problems. Actually, this year she has been brave enough to address them. During the #10yearchallenge, the model showed the difference in her skins, saying that she would run away every time from school because people would stare at her.

Kendall Jenner
Kendall JennerGetty Images

And she was bold enough to state the fact how loosely the problem is been handled by stating, "While there are much bigger problems happening in the world, suffering from acne for me was debilitating."

After revealing her issue, society was not very accepting at first. Followed by some lewd comments, Kendall had to disable the comment section very soon.

With the issue being the latest, controversial occurrence in the model's life, Vogue's photo can be taken as the Jenner sister's giving it back to those haters.