Jiiva's Kee.PR Handout

Jiiva's latest movie Kee, which was released on Friday, 10 May, has been affected by piracy as the full movie with different qualities has been leaked on notorious torrent sites.

Tamil Rockers and few other notorious sites have uploaded the full movie with different qualities on their sites. It is believed that the pirated copies are uploaded from overseas.

Although the film industry and the central government's Department of Telecommunications have severe measures in place to curb such malpractices, movies are making their way to the Internet some way or the other.

Almost all big movies these days make it to the Internet within a day of release. While some movies made their way to the internet (with good or poor print quality) within a day of release, there have been instances when some movies were leaked online even before they hit theatres.

Vishal, the ex-president of Tamil Nadu Producers' Council, had pledged to remove piracy from Kollywood and took several measures to curb it but his attempts failed to come to fruition as the people involved in the crime are finding new ways to upload the films online.

Coming back to Kee, the movie has got mixed reviews from the critics. The makers of the film were hoping that the movie could do well at the box office, given the release of a few movies that include Vishal's Ayogya.