Kedar Jadhav has come up with a special gift on the occasion of Mahendra Singh Dhoni's 39 birthday. He has penned a heartfelt letter that praises the former Indian captain for his contribution to the sports while adoring some of his good qualities.

Kedar Jadhav's Emotional Letter on Dhoni
Kedar Jadhav has penned a special gift on the occasion of Mahendra Singh Dhoni's 39 birthdaySocial Media Pages

From receiving valuable tips for life to handling various roles with ease, Jadhav opens up on Dhoni's greatness on and off the field. He recalls one particular incident to showcase the other side of the former Indian captain, who won two World Cups for the country. 

He recollects how the Chennai Superkings captain preferred national duty to personal life. Jadhav is of the view that people would forget their sorrow and pain caused due to Covid-19 by watching Dhoni play. 

Check out his emotional letter:

Even, time I see a lighthouse, it reminds me of you. A lighthouse symbolises a wayfoward, strength and a source of guidance, just like you. You showed a right path to many, guided us through tough times and also have been a subject to immense scrutiny at times. But, you always stood strong. Just like a Lighthouse.

Since last few years, we have celebrated our birthdays together. But due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are unable to meet each other. While binge-watching all the previous matches I recalled my journey. Our partnerships, your tips front behind the stumps, our off the field bonding. It is like a roller coaster ride that only goes up. I had thought of gifting you something special for your birthday. But, what could I possibly give to someone who has given us 2 World Cups, a Champions Trophy and number one position in Test Cricket? Your worth is beyond any materialistic thing in this world. Then a thought crossed nty mind-what could be a better gift than a heartfelt letter on behalf of all your fans including me.

I may not be able to recall a journey of seeing you on TV for the 1st time to playing with you in the blue jersey. But, there is one such episode that is engraved on my mind. We were travelling post-match in 2017.1 was sitting next to you inflight I was so tired that I fell asleep without even having my dinner. When I woke up I saw two dinner plates in front of me. I asked you, "ye kiska hai?" "Mera hi hat. Accha hua ten rind khul gayi, tere hi liye ruka tha, sath main khayenge," you answered with a smile on your face.

At that moment, I found an elder brother for which I had craved all my life. There is a song that crosses my mind when I recall this incident even today. मेरी ज़िन्दगी सवार

ms dhoni birthday
Happy Birthday MS Dhoni.Twitter

You have been playing various such roles for your fans across the country. A friend, a mentor, an idol and the Thala for millions. We can express our feelings when we see you standing in the middle of a stadium in the blue jersey. But, when it comes to seeing you in an Indian army uniform, I would say, let the pride in our eyes do the talking.

Once you gave me a life mantra, "Kedar, Last ball tak umeed nahi harni chahiye. Koi bhi target impossible nahi hots. Khudpe bharosa rakho our koshish karte raho, ground pe bhi our zindgi main bhi" The smile even after losing the game or handing over the trophy to youngsters after a win, You followed this all your life. You gave us life lessons but beyond that, you supported and trusted every player. You built a team and I think that is more commendable.

I have seen you as a dedicated captain when you left for 2015 World Cup instead of seeing your new born baby girl saying "I am on a national duty so I think everything else can wait. "I have seen you as a loving father when you chose to play with Ziva instead of photo session after winning an IPL trophy. Cricket was just the outermost layer of your teaching, in reality,. you were teaching us how to play the game of life.

For the last few months, evenone from the country is under constant depression due to the pandemic or deaths of some talented actors. I am sure everything will fall in place. But, I think to fill that void of positivity and happiness, something great should happen. Something that will force people to forget their sorrows and reunite. What could be a better option than you taking a stance on the pitch again? Everything else will follow.

Mahi Bhai, we have seen you playing from last 15 years but, still couldn't have enough of you. Entire nation wants to see you smashing the ball again, including me. I can see you standing on the crease... fans chanting Dhoni Dhoni.. You'll finish off the match in style and walk quietly towards pavilion... and we will be busy storing your face with a wide smile in our teary, eyes. At that moment one song will beplaying in the background in everyone's mind.

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