Katrina Kaif, Zero
Katrina Kaif in ZeroYouTube screenshot

There's no denying that Katrina Kaif has gone through a lot of ups and downs in her both professional and personal life but the starlet overcomed the hurdles that came crashing in her path. She is now considered as one of the most desirable actresses in Bollywood and has many hit films to her name. But not many people would know that Katrina had suffered a heartbreak at the age of 17 when she was the new girl in the city looking for a break in the entertainment industry.

In the recent episode of Feet Up With The Stars season 2, host Anaita Adajania recalled an incident when she was Katrina Kaif coming to meet her at her office in South Mumbai in a 'kaali-peeli' taxi. She quickly asked Katrina if she remembered what she was wearing at that time.

Katrina, who was filled with pride by then, narrated the entire incident (with a smile on her face) to the viewers saying, "So I've come to Anaita's office and I've gotten out of, not even a cool cab, but a normal one. So I was hot because it's hot outside. And I was wearing very short shorts and very small top (Anaita then interjects and corrects Katrina saying 'sheer top') and Anaita deemed it inappropriate that I was wearing that."

As Anaita corrected her saying that she was worried about her, Katrina continued to narrate the incident, "So she corrected me on it and at which point, I felt very bad. I was like 'Ohhh'. Anaita added to the story saying that when Katrina started off, she was voluptuous, a lot more curvy and she felt that she was a danger to the traffic.

Katrina gave a nod to Anaita and further continued the conversation to explain how she was left heartbroken at 17.

"You were worried for my safety but yeah.., so that's the first time we met and I remember I was trying to book a story. So, as a model in those days, if you get booked for a fashion feature or an editorial or a cover, it's a big thing. And I had not yet appeared in any magazine. I was 17, and I was really wanting you to put me in this magazine and say that, "Yeah done babe, you're on the cover, this is the one." And you were just about to confirm me for a fashion editorial, which basically means, for those who don't know, that it goes inside the magazine and my poor little heart, my poor 17 years old heart, so small, it was like so crushed and I am like, "Oh, no! Anaita Shroff is not putting me on the cover," Katrina said to which Anaita quickly replied that cut to that they've done some amazing covers together.