If we look at the place Katrina Kaif has made for herself in the industry and the biggest projects she is a part of, it is difficult to remember that she was a part of a project like Boom at one point in time. The film, which marked her debut in the industry, had Amitabh Bachchan and Gulshan Grover in important roles too. Though the film was a dud, it was Katrina's hot and seductive scenes which kept the film in news for several years in a row.

One particular scene, where Katrina and Gulshan Grover were involved in a long and steamy smooch was what garnered the scene almost 40 million views on Youtube. Gulshan had revealed that he and Katrina had to practice the scene several times before it was shot.

Gulshan Grover and Katrina Kaif in Boom
Gulshan Grover and Katrina Kaif in BoomYouTube screenshot

It was on Kapil Sharma's show that Gulshan had revealed several deets from the film. "Gulshan said that he had to do a romantic scene with Katrina Kaif. Bachchan was in the same frame and they had to romance in front of him. Gulshan wanted to get the scene right so he and Katrina practiced it many times before they gave the shot. "He shared that it was tough to do romantic scenes with the actress (who was making her debut in the film). But the scene turned out to be so good that it got 30-40 million views online," Pinkvilla had quoted a source from the sets of the show as saying.

As per a Filmibeat report, while talking about the scene, Katrina had much later said, "What's there to react in the first place? And what's new about those scenes. Boom has always been all over the Internet. I don't deny I have done the scenes in the past but I wasn't comfortable."

Katrina Kaif and Gulshan Grover in Boom
Katrina Kaif and Gulshan Grover in BoomYoutube screenshot

The report also quoted her saying on rumours of the DVDs being re-distributed, "That is not true. It is false information. The rights of the DVD are with Hindujas and it remains with them. They are not distributing or re-distributing it."

There were also the reports that Salman Khan got those scenes chopped off from the film after he and Katrina came closer. We are glad Katrina never had to resort to such kind of roles ever again.