Katie Hopkins says no to masks

Runner up of the 15th season of Celebrity Big Brother Katie Hopkins has yet again landed herself in a social media storm.

The ardent fans and followers of Katie must have been witnessing her outrageous social media encouragement for fans to ditch face masks despite the ongoing pandemic that has wrecked our lives.

Here's what happened!

Re-posting a tweet from UK supermarket Sainsburys, the former Celebrity Big Brother star labelled the food chain 'little legends

Hopkins shared a screenshot of a tweet from UK supermarket Sainsbury's, and labelled the food chain as 'little legends'.

Check out the post below:

Ever since she shared the post on her Instagram handle, netizens slammed her left, right and centre for her careless act.

As per media reports in Mirror UK, Hopkins has been accused of giving bad advice to vulnerable followers to go without their face masks and potentially, risking their lives.

Her social media was awash with complaints from unimpressed people who labelled her 'careless'.

Below are some comments slamming her statement.

One Instagram user commented: "You are actually encouraging people to not wear a mask and putting lives at risk."

Another one said: "How stupid and careless are you? Some vulnerable person will actually listen to this god awful advise and may lose their life. Stop with this utter nonsense now".

Katie Hopkins continues to encourage fans to ditch face masks

"The same people will whinge when there's a second wave.... wear a mask. It's hardly a problem," a third wrote.

A fourth one opined: "If anyone not wearing a mask gets too close to me, I may have to use reasonable force to remove you from my space".

Meanwhile, a fifth follower stated: "Everyone should wear a mask. End of. Stop spreading this bulls**t".

 Why was her Twitter handle suspended?

As per the reports in Mirror UK, her Twitter profile - which she used to tweet under the handle @kthopkins - has been suspended - and this time it's for good, a spokesperson from the website has confirmed. Her micro-blogging account has been taken down after a petition was started by social media user to get her booted off the site.

 A video by Katie clarifying her stance on the suspension of her Twitter account

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Hung like a baboon!

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