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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been secretly dating for a long time now. However, their secret affair is believed to have come to an end after the actress dumped him.

It is rumoured that she had been dating the Baby Driver star for five years now but kept it a secret as Tom Cruise, her ex-husband, divorced her on the condition that she wouldn't publically date anyone for five years.

Since the supposed five-year-clause ended, Holmes and Foxx were spotted late last year on a secret holiday seemingly confirming their relationship. However, Radar Online now reports that the actress has dumped the Baby Driver star and is now dating an NYC lawyer. We'd take this story with a pinch of salt because of the sources claims.

"Katie has gone on a few dates with an NYC lawyer but is keeping his name under wraps for now. She wants to make sure that the next man she brings into her and Suri's lives will stick around for good," a friend of the actress told the publication.

The dubious source explained that actress broke up with Foxx because she couldn't stop worrying about him cheating on her and reportedly moved on from the actor.

"[She] just couldn't get over her trust issues," a friend told the site. To top it off, Foxx was not being helpful either. He apparently wanted to "keep things hidden and status quo" despite the supposed clause set by Cruise ended.

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"It rubbed Katie the wrong way. It was hard for her not to feel jealous and worry about cheating, especially since Jamie's a major flirt," the source added. The couple also planned an intimate wedding and expensive honeymoon but everything will now go down the drain.

According to the insider, Holmes also tried her luck to get Foxx into signing a no-cheating clause in their prenup but the latter "balked" at the idea.

"Jamie balked at the idea of signing because he realized that being unfaithful could be costly. Katie noticed a total lack of respect in Jamie's behavior. She knew it wasn't healthy for her or Suri, and she has to protect them both," the informant revealed.

"[There was] no drama, no screaming fits or anger — just sadness when Katie called up Jamie to tell him she couldn't do this anymore. He heard her out and said he was sorry," the insider revealed.

Despite the claim, neither stars have confirmed the split report. A rep of Foxx told Gossip Cop clarified that there was no wedding planned however the spokesperson did not mention anything about the split.

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A source had previously told People that Holmes always chose to keep his relationship with the actress under the wraps because it worked better for the two that way.

"Jamie and Katie's relationship is not a secret but they both like to keep it under the radar. They have nothing to hide but Jamie, especially, is very low key about his life in general, and rarely talks about it. He is not one to acknowledge anything about his private life and neither does Katie," the source told the magazine earlier this year.

"They are happy, they just don't flaunt anything," the insider added. "Jamie will always go out of his way to stay discreet. That is his way, and it works for him. If they could stay secret forever, Jamie would be happy."