Kate Middleton and Prince William in the Solomon Islands
Kate Middleton and Prince William in the Solomon Islands Reuters

A French court will pronounce its decision on Tuesday over granting an injunction sought by Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton against magazine "Closer" to stop further publication of topless photos of the duchess.

The France-based magazine is already facing the threat of demise in the hands of the law. William reportedly filed a complaint against the photographer who is still at large, saying that the Middleton photos were "grotesque and totally unjustified invasion of their privacy."

Lately, the Windsor's private lives are being stripped naked in public. With the images of Price Harry's naked escapades at a Las Vegas Hotel still fresh in people's minds, who would have thought that Middleton would be the next royal to grace the newsstands with her topless pictures.

Buzz is that an unidentified photographer, who captured Middleton on his telephoto lens, has taken as many as 200 pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing semi-nude along with her royal hubby at a private estate in France.

"Closer" was the first to publish the Middleton's pictures, followed by the Dublin edition of "Daily Star". Rubbing more salt on the wounds, Italian magazine "Chi" on Monday published a series of the controversial photos in a 26-page spread titled "Court Scandal: The Queen is Nude."

The latest controversy has once again invoked debate on privacy laws.   

Scandal-smitten former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Mondadori media group commands the editorial of both "Closer" and "Chi".

In order to prevent further embarrassment, the royals began serious legal pursuits to nail their privacy intruder and the publications which printed the grainy semi-nude photos of Middleton.

Price William has initiated legal suits for the alleged violation of privacy laws and is seeking a court order to refrain the French magazine from publishing more photos and selling them to other media groups, including the Internet.

Meanwhile, the counsels of the royals have sought damages from "Closer" and are pursuing a separate complaint against the photographer.