Kate Middleton
Britain's Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, meets community members during a visit to the Forteviot FeteReuters

The pregnant Kate Middleton has supposedly been at the receiving end of a lot of criticism from certain royals who feel that she is good only for making babies, a new report claims.

Princess Eugenie and Camilla are said to be immensely jealous of Middleton's popularity, and they are miffed that they do not get half the media attention that Middleton attracts, reported Celeb Dirty Laundry.

A source told the website that both Eugenie and Camilla have been vocal about their insults and they have labelled Middleton as a "commoner" who is only good at "breeding and birthing more heirs to the throne."

They also feel that Middleton has wormed her way into the royal family, rather than earning her place there, the source noted.

The gossip website further added that it wasn't surprising that Camilla has been insulting Middleton, as she has expressed her dislike before.

However, these might just be speculations as neither Middleton nor Camilla has shown any sort of animosity in public. As for Princess Eugenie, there have been numerous reports of her alleged dislike for the Duchess of Cambridge. Her sister, Beatrice is also said to be not too fond of Middleton.

"They constantly mock her body obsession. They think she's so vain," a source told Australia's Woman's Day. Reportedly, they also dislike Middleton's sister Pippa, who they call "vacuous" and "pushy."

At the time, the magazine reported that Middleton too wasn't too fond of the royal sisters, as she believed them to be spoiled, as they have everything handed out to them.

"Her view is that Beatrice and Eugenie have had it easy and made little effort to find a role for themselves in royal life," the source said. "Having come from a family of self-made millionaires, Kate feels hard work has got her to where she is today."

The Woman's Day source also added that Beatrice called Middleton "the Chosen One" and complains that "she gets the glamour jobs, the clothing allowance, the limos and the royal protection team, while I travel economy."