What makes Queen Elizabeth stand out in a crowd? Well, she is the Queen of the world's most powerful monarch. However, it is her vibrant dress colours that highlight her in a crowd.

Robert Hardman, the Queen's biographer, once quoted her as saying, "I can never wear beige because nobody will know who I am." It is indeed a tradition followed by the monarch to make the maximum use of rainbow colours so that the crowd can easily spot her.

Take, for example, the Royal Ascot 2018. Accompanied by family members, the Queen stood out among thousands in her lime yellow dress.

At the Chester City Centre, she chose to opt for bright green.

And at the Trooping Colours, it was sea blue.

And a sky blue at The Queen's Birthday Parade.

While the Queen has perfected the art of being a royal with ease for decades, it now looks like her granddaughter-in-law Kate Middleton is following the monarch's footsteps. The Duchess of Cambridge decided to opt for bright red while introducing Prince Louis to the members of the public.

Kate, who has a fondness for light and pastel shades, seems to slowly transform into a true monarch.

Kate Middleton dress

On many occasions, she was spotted mimicking the Queen with bright shades.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton's green attire at the BAFTA.Getty Images
kate middleton dresses
The Duchess of Cambridge hugs kids in BerlinGetty Images

And sometimes, even green, black and bright blue.

While it looks like Kate is on the right track, Meghan Markle is surely losing out.

Meghan, who has always made some bold statements with her appearance as well as speech, seems to have stuck on to muted pastel shades post her wedding.

At the Trooping of the Colour event, the Duchess of Sussex opted for an off-shoulder pale pink Givenchy gown.

And then, her most recent engagement was the Royal Ascot. And once again, the former actress opted for a Givenchy-designed long-sleeved white silk dress with matching hat. 

Meghan Markle Kate Middleton
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It looks like Meghan is definitely losing out on the royal style statement and maybe she should consider getting more tips from Kate.