kate hudson
Kate Hudson at the Hand in Hand: Benefit For Hurricane Relief.Kevin Mazur/Hand in Hand/Getty Images

Kate Hudson has been setting the girl-next-door trend for ages now, with her graceful beauty, and golden hair. But not anymore. This year, she embraced a whole new different look, and nothing looks more fierce.

After Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevigne, Kat Hudson underwent the buzzcut. Yes, you read it right. She swapped her shears with clippers and has been flaunting her shortest, edgiest hairstyle till date.

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Probably one of the most shocking beauty transformations in Hollywood ever, fans and followers were indeed shocked to see the glorious mane gone. If you're screaming 'why' within yourself, she has a perfectly legitimate reason behind the change too.

The Bride Wars actress is the latest star in singer-songwriter Sia's upcoming movie, Sister, which is based on a short story the artiste wrote a while ago. The role demanded a buzzcut and Kate just took the plunge.

While the world has been applauding her dedication to the role, in interviews with E!, the mother of two admitted that her kids didn't really care about it. Even though her six-year-old son Bingley was the one that helped her shave her hair, her son Ryder doesn't think it's all that cool.

"Bing actually cut it. I thought for him to be a part of it wouldn't feel so shocking," she said. She went on to confess that she wanted them very much involved in the process too. And that personally she believes, "Every woman at one point should just shave it all off."

Kate also addressed the issue in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. The 38-year-old actor admitted, "I like the ease of it, you know what I mean? When I looked at the hair when it came off I was like you know this is ... I'm so happy this is gone. It was a lot of wear and tear on that."

She continued saying: "You can get caught up in the fact that, 'Oh no, what happens if the identity that people see me as is like gone?' I just don't care, I just don't think about stuff like that so, for me, I was just excited to get rid of all the old hair."

It only goes out to prove that Hollywood's sweetheart, when not being a glammed up fashionista, is just a regular human who likes to lounge around without messy strands at times!