After getting Prime Minister Narendra Modi's appreciation for achieving the milestone of 100 percent vaccination of those above the age of 18 years in June 2021, Kashmir's Weyan created another record as it became the first village of the country for conducting 100 percent sampling and 100 percent vaccination of all eligible population.

A remote snowbound hamlet in Kashmir's Bandipora district- Weyan has become the first village in the country where the entire population from the age group of 15 years and above has been vaccinated against CoVID-19.

Furthermore, health authorities have also conducted a 100 percent sampling of this village.

"It was all due to assiduous efforts of the field workers that we have achieved 100 percent samplings and 100 percent vaccination of the eligible population", Block Medical Officer (BMO) Bandipora Dr. Masrat Iqbal told the International Business Times.

"The field staff tracked to the remote village and stayed there for three days and night and vaccinated 100 percent from the age group of 15 years above," said Iqbal, who is also the Nodal officer for COVID-19 of district Bandipora.

He further informed that during the stay, the staff not only vaccinated the whole population but also conducted samplings of all inhabitants.

"Not a single person tested positive for the Coronavirus", he said and added that the village will remain free from the virus due to its location.

Weyan village
J&K Health Department

Earlier Weyan became first in India to achieve 100% vaccination of adults

Earlier Weyan became the first village in India to vaccinate all its adult population against the novel coronavirus.

In the month of June 2021, the entire population above 18 years of this village was vaccinated.
Due to the difficult terrain of the area, the vaccinators had walked 18 km on foot to reach the village.

There is no internet access in the village. So it was not possible for the residents to get appointments for vaccination like the way people in urban areas do.

weyan village
J&K Health Department

PM  had earlier mentioned Weyan village for achieving a milestone in 'Maan Ki Baat'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had mentioned the name of Weyan village of district Bandipora of Kashmir for achieving the milestone of 100 percent vaccination of those above the age of 18 years in June 27 episode of "Mann ki Baat". The Prime Minister appreciated the health workers of the district and complimented them for achieving the 100% target.

"There's district Bandipora in this district, people of village Weyan together set themselves a target of 100% vaccines…and also achieved it. Today, in this village in Kashmir, all persons above the age of 18 have taken the vaccine", the Prime Minister had stated.