Amid rise in hate crime and racial discrimination, a horrific incident surfaced the social media which wreaked havoc overnight. A Kashmiri woman alleged claimed that she was assaulted and abused by her landlady and one other man who called her a terrorist in Delhi's East of Kailash neighbourhood.

Noor Bhat took to Twitter and shared a picture of herself which led to outrage about the safety of Kashmiri students in the other cities of the country.

Noor Bhat

The picture showed Noor revealing marks on her neck accusing her landlord of harassment. She further alleged that the incident took place in front of cops and accused the landlady of stealing her belongings from the house.

The woman has also alleged that the landlady trespassed into and vandalised her apartment in her absence.

She said she will burn my face with cigrattes, throw me out of the balcony

In a series of tweet, she expressed her ordeal and said, "So my landlady enters my house along with a man , that i have never seen in my whole life and starts to call me and my friends 'TERRORISTS' just because we are from KASHMIR that too, in front of a police official. They trespassed, broke in and our money, furniture." 

"Then she framed us for stealing the furniture, which she herself took from here in our absence . She is calling us names, abusing us and provoking us."

"The man literally pushed me and the landlady as well tried to attack me , all in front of DELHI POLICE." 

She even went on to post a picture of the landlady and the man who allegedly harrassed her, "This is her and the man. She threatened me that she will burn my face with the cigarette she was smoking and she told me she would throw me from the balcony."

According to the report, an argument broke out between the two over 'trespassing' and 'rent dispute' at a flat in South Delhi's Amar colony at around 8 pm. The Kashmiri woman also alleged that the landlady threatened to burn her face with cigarettes and told Noor that she would throw her out of the balcony.

Delhi Police takes cognisance of the incident

Meanwhile, the Delhi Commission For Women (DCW) Chief Swati Maliwal has taken cognizance of the matter and assured all possible help to the Kashmir woman. "This is shocking & shameful. DCW team is in touch. We'll ensure action! (sic)" she tweeted.

The Delhi Police has now registered a case under sections 448, 380, 457, 323, and 509 of Indian Penal Code on the complaint made by Noor. The landlady also filed a written complaint. The Police say the dispute over rent and non-payment of electricity bill had come up earlier too.