It's not everyday we come across instances of true heroism. And when we do, it is hard to go unnoticed. The phrase "not all heroes wear capes" holds true for this Kashmir man, who jumped into freezing and violently gushing river to rescue three stranded boys. After three hours of continuous efforts, Bashir Ahmed Mir, with the assistance of J&K Police and SDRF personnel, managed to bring back the teens to safety.

Speaking to International Business Times, Mir said the teens, one of whom was a good swimmer, got stuck after the water level increased in the River Sindh in Ganderbal District. Mir, who is known in the area for his exceptional swimming skills, was called for help and the 38-year-old rushed to the spot and jumped right into action.

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The heroic act

Even without getting any professional training in swimming, Mir told IBTimes that he grew up in Ganderbal and learned swimming in these gushing rivers, a skill he has been using for last several years to rescue anyone who's stranded. With a strong passion for social service, Mir is often called for assistance in such matters and has earned quite a name to himself for his swimming skills.

The incident happened at 5 p.m. and the water level was high when Mir jumped into the gushing, cold river. Mir coordinated with the police and SDRF as he needed the equipment to bring the teens back to safety, which was done successfully after a three-hour op.

Mir - the go-to person for locals & police

Kashmir man jumps into gushing Sindh river to rescue three boys; video goes viral [watch]

Mir, who stays in Kangan, is a popular figure in his area. Whenever there's a situation that requires Mir's swimming skills, not just the locals, but even the police calls him for help, he told us. If the video of the latest incident, where he can be seen swimming across the gushing river without any life saving equipment, is any indication, people relying on Mir for his expertise doesn't come as a surprise.

Mir has been using his swimming skills for social service. Besides rescuing people, he has even helped retrieve missing bodies from rivers and streams. In fact, Mir told us that he has helped retrieve over 50 dead bodies, which has helped families of the departed to give a dignified farewell and closure. Besides, Mir has saved almost 100 people from drowning.