Actor, producer, director, wife and mother Kashmera Shah needs no introduction. She is a powerful personality. Undoubtedly she has been through a lot of ups and downs in her personal life and came out victorious. She keeps her heart on her sleeves. 

Back in 2000's Kash was in a live-in relationship with her now-husband Krushna. From trolls to the backlash, she was victimised at every point, but she didn't give up. Kashmera is one of the most successful actors we have in the industry. Her body of work comprises of films, TV and reality shows. Kashmera Shah is at a very happy phase in her life and is brimming with joy as she has her twin sons, Rayaan and Krishaang beside her.

And to top all this, the actor is looking amazing in her new look.

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes, India Kashmera Shah spoke at length about her new look, her plans to get back to acting, what makes her relationship so strong and much much more.

Kashmera Shah

 Excerpts from the candid interview:

The new you is brimming with happiness, what made you go for it?

 From 1995 to 2015 I had this body and then in 2015 things changed when I decided to go on several medications to conceive. I started putting on. I was also too occupied and busy and didn't really bother much about my weight or body. Now when I see that my kids have grown up a little, I decided to get back in shape.

Kashmera Shah

 Your pictures are outstanding, and people love it, are you getting offers?

My last film released on November 15, 2019, and its been a year now. If my new look gets me work then why not? I am looking forward to it. Having said that the current scenario is such that everything has been pushed to 2021.

Kashmera Shah

 You and Krushna are the epitome of marriage goals, a rock-solid couple,  what is the secret of your long-lasting relationship?

Well, honestly, we started to know each other at a very young age, before marriage we were living in for 7 years. Yes, at that time it was a taboo, we have faced it all, we have faced all kinds of negativity, but all this has really helped each other strengthen our relationship. I will share an example with you there was a friend of mine, and I would listen to her, share everything with her and one day I broke up with Krushna because of some reason, that day I realised that nobody on this earth is as close to me as Krushna is. He is my best friend, my soulmate, my mentor, my everything.


During the lockdown, we have spent a lot of time with each other cooking, cleaning, spending time with kids, and we didn't kill each other (laughs). I think we have managed to stay with each other for 24 hours. We have cut all the negativities from our lives and are happy with each other. The only friend and family I have apart from Krushna are my kids and Krushna's brother who stays in our building. 

There was this cry on social media that Krushna Abhishek called wife Kashmera Shah 'biryani' as she poses in a hot swimsuit.

 I don't understand how does it matter. He is my husband, of course, he knows what I am doing, and I am happy that I am biryani in his life. I don't bother about trolls nor does Krushna. 

You have been a part of BB 1 are you watching the current season.

I love Bigg Boss, and if given a chance, I can definitely go. Last year I  went for Aarti Singh (her sister-in-law). I feel this time the BB contestants have learnt and rehearsed from the previous seasons. I wanted Shardul to go far. The week I voted for him, he was safe. I like Rahul Vaidya he is entertaining. I think Abhinav Shukla should pay his own game.  

Check out some of the Tweets by her that proves she is an ardnet fan of BB

 You are an avid BB fan; what do your kids watch?

My kids are allowed to watch TV for an hour, but they love Ranveer Singh and Salman Khan's songs. They dance on Salman's hook step. 

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