It's been a month since the cinema halls have been open, but no new film has been released till now. Owing to the ongoing pandemic and surge in the cases of a novel coronavirus, people are still sceptical about venturing out, especially in cinema halls to watch a film. 

However, as people have adapted to the norms of what we call the 'new normal'. Kiara Advani-starrer comedy-drama 'Indoor Ki Jawani' is the first film to get a theatrical release on December 11.

Abir Sengupta

The theatre owners are taking all the necessary precautions and following the guidelines laid by every state, from sanitisation to social distancing.  Currently, the theatres are functioning in 50 per cent occupancy. 

As there is merely a fortnight left for the film to hit the theatre, International Business Times India got in touch with director Abir Sengupta spoke at length about taking a risk by releasing the film in theatres amid the ongoing pandemic, how will he gauge the box office numbers with 50 per cent occupancy, whether actors Kiara Advani and Aditya Seal were the first choices for the rom-com and more.

 Excerpts from the interview

This is the first Bollywood film that is releasing in theatres are you excited or nervous?

This is my first Bollywood film, and as a director, I am excited as well as nervous. I am quite aware of the ongoing scenario, and all I want is that people should love it, I know the times are very crucial because the pandemic is going on. However, I have seen that theatres have taken adequate measures for cinema-goers. The theatre owners have ensured a stress-free viewing experience, and  I am sure people will like the film as its fun and entertaining. I am hoping for the best.

Indoo ki Jawani

How will gauge the box office numbers as the film will be releasing in 50 per cent occupancy?

I never think about the box office numbers. Even before the pandemic, I didn't think about it.  I feel that Kuch saalo Pehle he box office ka Chalan shuru hua, and as a director, it is my job to tell a story and what matters to me is whether people are enjoying and getting entertained.  There are so many films that have huge box office numbers, but fans don't appreciate it. My motto is to entertain the audience.

Was Kiara Advani the first choice of the film?

Yes, I always knew I wanted Kiara for this role. She is one actor who transcends into any given role. For Instance, she was Preeti in Kabir Singh and not Kiara Advani, be it Lust Stories or Guilty (show on Netflix) she has always moulded herself. For the male protagonist, we had to audition, and I liked Aditya Seal's audition the most. He was superb, and then I called up the producer and said that I had got the guy.

The film talks about India-Pak love story the guy is a Pakastani while the girl is an India. Do you think in these times when everything gets blown out of proportion this might create friction?

Indoo Ki Jawani is a light film, apart from that, we are not showing anyone in a bad light. We aren't mocking or making fun of any country, religion, or person. It's a very fun-loving movie. When the audience watches the film, they will understand. 

Abir sengupta

You have written CID which was one of the longest-running TV show on GEC. Will CID make a comeback?

Well, I have grown up watching CID, and I was fortunate enough to write a few episodes of the show. I have no clue whether CID would make a comeback or not, but all I know is that I have had a memorable time working for it. I hope CID remains forever.