Karrueche Tran; Chris Brown with Baby Royalty
Karrueche Tran; Chris Brown with Baby RoyaltyInstagram

Karrueche Tran might be warming up to Chris Brown's baby, Royalty, but she isn't ready to be her mother as of yet. She still feels cheated by Brown and is haunted by the fact that Royalty is not her girl.

Tran has finally accepted Royalty as Brown's daughter, after dumping the rapper when he had cheated on her with Nia Guzman-Amey, and also fathered the one-year-old with her. But now it looks like the former couple is trying to work things out with Brown while Tran is getting used to the toddler.

But the 26-year-old is still wary of getting involved in Royalty's life and being a motherly figure for her. According to Hollywood life, she thinks that it's going to be a mess and that's why she is extremely hesitant to get involved in the baby's life.

"Karrueche already knows that being Royalty's stepmother would be all bad. Karrueche doesn't want any problems with Nia. If she were to get back with Chris, she'd feel she'd be walking on eggshells. Chris is really asking a lot of Karrueche. This is a giant mess altogether and she's not so sure she's up for this," an insider told the website.

Tran says that she feels like an outsider and though she wants things to go back to normal, she knows it will become messy if she tries to be Royalty's mother because Guzman isn't quite comfortable with Tran being around her baby girl.

"She can see Nia not wanting her to be around Royalty in fear that she may become attached to Kae. She can even hear arguments between her and Chris over how to raise her," claimed the source.

The singer respect the lovely bond that the father-daughter duo shares, but then there is also the fact that Tran wanted to have Brown to only have a baby with her. So she was tremendously hurt, with him going behind her back and fathering a child, that too, a girl.

"Karrueche does think they baby is beautiful and shares so many of Chris' features! It still bothers Karrueche that Chris has a child child, especially a daughter, and Karrueche didn't give her life," reported the website.

However, Royalty seems to be too cute to be avoided. Recently Tran gifted the birthday girl, a Vietnamese natural agarwood elastic string bracelet, which even she too had got on her first birthday and said that "in her culture, the bracelet brings luck and good health."