As the #MeToo movement rages in India, a multitude of stories of women being put in situations where men take advantage of their position to sexually exploit them have been coming out. From politicians to film personalities and even sports stars, men in power seem to have gone on for a long time unnoticed and under the wraps.

Sometimes, when things do not go as planned and the women fight back, it leads to videos such as this. In the video, one can see a woman holding a piece of wood and physically thrashing a man. ANI reports that the incident which took place on October 15 is a result of the man, in blue, is a bank manager who demanded that the woman, in yellow, perform sexual acts so that her loan gets approved.

The minute-long clip has the woman beat the man with a piece of wood, slap him a few times and then hit him on his head with her footwear all while he keeps repeating, "sorry madam".

Details of the event, including where this took place as well as which bank the man works at, as well as the identity of both parties involved, is not clear at the moment. As of writing, the only detail known is that the incident took place in the Davangere region of Karnataka.

IBTimes, India has not been able to independently verify the authenticity of the clip, nor any details regarding the events depicted.

The #MeToo movement has taken hold in India and women are calling out their abusers in publicCCO Public domain