The issue of educational institutions reopening in Karnataka has been a burgeoning debate in the state. The government has so far maintained a neutral stand on the matter and has been averse to reopening schools amid a pandemic.

The risk of opening schools has been huge concerning weighing on the government. On Tuesday, the primary and secondary education minister Suresh Kumar reaffirmed that 'no decision' hasn't been taken on the matter yet even with the Unlock 4.0 drawing to a close.

Suresh Kumar on the reopening of schools

S Suresh Kumar
Primary and Secondary Education Minister of Karnataka S Suresh KumarTwitter

Many parents around Karnataka have been wondering if schools will be reopening in Unlock 5.0 as the government slowly introduces more relaxations around the country. However, education has still been a confusing area with many sensitive decisions to make. 

The kids' future hangs in the balance as education minister Suresh Kumar told the media that no decision has been taken yet. The minister said on Tuesday, "We have not taken any decision regarding reopening on schools in the state yet. The government does not have any such plans to reopen schools at present. We are taking the opinions of Legislators, MPs, and concerned people. We will also have a discussion with education experts and institutions." 

There has been some talk about schools reopening in October, but with the recent increase in cases in the state and the dicey situation due to COVID-19 has made it a risky move.

School for classes 9,10,11, and 12 was going to be partially opened on September 21st on a voluntary basis, however, went back on the decision owing to parental pressure.