The opposition has been levelling many allegations the BJP which is in power in Karnataka. Among them are corruption charges against BS Yediyurappa and his family. The opposition is now demanding a probe into these allegations following a controversial sting operation aired by a local news channel. 

The Bengaluru Police have now begun investigating the case of a news channel that aired an operation into the dealings of one of Yediyurappa's family members. Action has been taken against the channel and now the opposition is demanding a probe into the matter.

Corruption charges levelled against Yediyurappa's family

Karnataka chief minister BS Yediyurappa
Karnataka chief minister BS YediyurappaTwitter

On Monday, the Bengaluru Police searched the office of a channel following the airing of a controversial sting operation. Yediyurappa has stood firm that if charges against him or his family members are proved, he will resign from politics. 

Congress has been alleging corruption charges against the CM's son. Following the row with the local media channel, MLA Priyank Kharge has also called for an investigation on Twitter, "There are 2 addresses, 2 mobile numbers, account number, shell companies, RTGS & money trail.@CMofKarnataka should investigate whose address, whose accounts, whose mobile numbers, whose money?"

The channel in question has been airing numerous clips and alleged exchanges between Yediyurappa's family and chats to prove charges. The Congress has since then been demanding BS Yediyurappa's resignation. A case has been registered in this regard against the channel for criminal conspiracy, intimidation and forgery. 

It is yet to be seen what will come of this debate and what legal action will be taken to this end.