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The Karnataka High Court announced that all fresh cases and hearings will be cancelled following July 15th. The high court announced, on Sunday in the order that this move as the lockdown has been imposed on July 14th and the court will also face a staff crunch due to it.

All fresh hearings and cases will remain cancelled till the lockdown lifts the order added. Only exceptionally urgent matters will be considered which can't wait till the lockdown lifts.

Karnataka HC issues order cancelling fresh cases, hearings

Bengaluru will be going into a fresh lockdown on 14th July Tuesday due to the alarming rise in cases of COVID-19. The government had announced that only essential services will be operating during this time till 22nd July. 

Now, it seems even legal services might not be functioning at the same capacity during the lockdown. The Karnataka High Court on 12th July Sunday announced that it would be cancelling all fresh cases and hearings 15th July onwards till the lockdown lifts.

The order reads, "As a result of the lockdown, very few members of the staff will be able to attend the High Court at Bengaluru. Therefore, for the period commencing 15th July 2020 till the lockdown is over, fresh appointments for filing of fresh matters will not be given."

Karnataka HC notice
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The order further reads, "appointments will only be given for filing of Caveats and for filing of miscellaneous documents in respect of the cases which are already permitted to be listed. Appointments will be provided for payment process fees and Court fees. Appointments which are already given for fresh filing of new cases from 15th July 2020 will not be disturbed." However, appointments given for certifications of the objections will stand cancelled from 15th July. 

Karnataka HC notice
Karnataka HC official website

During the lockdown matters listed for physical or, Video conference hearings will not be listed. While E-filing services will continue they will do so only for exceptionally urgent matters. For dates fixed already, the court despite few staff members being able to visit the court will try to have video conferencing dates scheduled. The court appealed to the Bar not to file cases which aren't urgent during the lockdown period. 

The order applies to the Principal Bench of the Karnataka High Court and not the benches of Dharwad and Kalaburagi which will continue as notified.