Karnataka saw a record rise in cases over 918 in the past 24 hours, this has made way for stringent lockdown measures in the state. The state government has revised its quarantine rules for inter-state travellers to Karnataka on Sunday.

From now on, all Maharashtra travellers will be expected to serve a 7-day institutional and then 7-day home quarantine upon arriving in the state mandatorily.

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Karnataka changes quarantine rules to inter-state travel

Karnataka has recorded its highest jump in COVID cases yet on Saturday. The state has begun to make some strict changes to their policies as well as their approach to containing the virus. Inter-state travel has become a matter of concern as to limiting the spread of the virus.

Therefore, the Karnataka government has introduced changes. All inter-state travellers will have to be registered with Seva Sindhu. If anybody tests symptomatic upon arrival from any state they will be sent to 7-day hospital isolation, tested and if they test positive will be sent to a COVID hospital.

For Maharastra travellers even if asymptomatic will be sent to a 7-day institutional quarantine (IQ) then 7-day home quarantine (HQ). For all asymptomatic travellers will be tested if they develop symptoms, and special category asymptomatic such as the elderly or pregnant women and children will be sent to HQ with one attendant and will be tested once between 5th and 7th day of arrival. For asymptomatic returnees from other states there will be mandatory HQ for 14 days. Testing will only be done for these returnees if they develop symptoms.

Business travellers coming to the state for less than 48 hours are exempted from COVID test and quarantine. If they're staying for longer than 48 hours but less than 7 days they will undergo a test. The person will also stay in institutional quarantine and if they test negative, finish their work and return home. 

See the full list below:

Karnataka Government list of rules for inter-state travellers
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Karnataka Government's rules for inter-state travellers
@DHFWKA on Twitter