In a scathing allegation, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah claimed on Monday that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was deliberately instigating people in the state to exploit the free electricity up to 200 units scheme in the state.

During an event organized by the forest department on the occasion of World Environment Day at Bengaluru's Jnana Jyothi Auditorium, Siddaramaiah addressed the audience, stating, "The BJP is promoting unrestricted usage of electricity among the citizens. However, we are committed to ensuring that this scheme is not misused and will take measures to curb the reckless consumption of electricity."

Congress takes charge in Karnataka: Siddaramaiah cabinet clears approval for five guarantees, to release order in next cabinet meetingIANS

Highlighting the government's initiative to provide free power to the underprivileged and middle-class households, the Chief Minister remarked, "Our administration introduced the scheme to offer free electricity to the needy and middle-income groups. We have allowed individuals to consume an additional 10 percent of electricity compared to their previous year's usage. The people have welcomed this scheme with great enthusiasm and joy."

"However, the BJP, a party that has been rejected by the people, is inciting them to misuse the scheme and indulge in thoughtless electricity consumption. This is an act against the welfare of the citizens. We have faith that the conscious people of the state will not support such behavior," Siddaramaiah alleged.

Five promises
Five promisesIANS

The Congress-led government in Karnataka had promised free electricity for all households up to 200 units under the Gruha Jyothi scheme during the elections. The implementation of this scheme is scheduled to commence in July.

In order to prevent misuse, the government has specified that the average consumption of electricity over the course of a year will be taken into consideration while providing the free power. However, the BJP has raised objections, insisting that the scheme should be implemented without any conditions. On Siddaramaiah's latest allegations, the BJP is yet to react.

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