In Karnataka, a touching incident took place in Koppal on August 8. At a housewarming celebration of 57-year-old Srinivas Murthy, guests were pleasantly surprised to see his late wife attend. However, this was actually a silicone statue of hers that looked starkly real. 

businessman builds wax statue of wife

The businessman had wanted her memory to be installed in the new bungalow. The bungalow incidentally was her dream, unfortunately, she died in a car accident 3 years ago.

Businessman's heartwarming gesture in wife's memory

Death has a way of tearing families apart, and nobody ever really gets over an irreplaceable loss. Businessman Srinivas Murthy however, found a way to immortalise his wife's memory in their bungalow. He lost his wife three years ago in a fatal car accident while MVK Madhavi was heading to Tirupati with their two daughters. However, a speeding truck crashed into the passenger's side leaving his daughters injured but their mother Madhavi had passed away.

On the occasion of the housewarming ceremony, in Koppal, Karnataka Murthy said, "I wanted to do something special in memory of my wife. She died three years ago in a car accident," The News Minute reported. It was Madhavi's dream to own a bungalow. Ergo, two years ago, Murthy decided to build one and he was looking to make it special for his wife.

Silicone statue of Srinivas Murthy's wife

He said that he had visited numerous architects, 25 of them to help with bringing his ideas and emotions to life, but the visions didn't align. He then came to know of an architect Mahesh Rangannadavaru who suggested he install a life-statue of Madhavi's at the house.

Eventually, Srinivas Murthy was put in contact with toymakers Gombe Mane in Bengaluru, who helped in making the statue a reality. With pictures of his wife and a year of time, the statue was then installed. Murthy told ANI, "Our artist suggested me to have silicone instead of the wax statue as we live in Koppal which is a hot place, and an AC can't be open all the time to maintain the wax."

The gesture turned into a highlight for guests who arrived at the celebration leaving them stunned at the resemblance. Murthy said, that this would be a way for her to still be with them.