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The H1N1 flu virus (swine flu) has reportedly claimed four lives in the past two months in Karnataka. Over 400 people have been infected by the virus and 46 cases have been reported in one week alone in Bangalore, reports Hindustan Times.

"Statewide we have confirmed 400 cases of swine flu at present. All the measures are in place and we are advising people to maintain good hygiene habits," an official from the Karnataka health department told TNM.

The district health officer of Bengaluru (Urban), Dr Sreenivasa, told TNM, "We had already distributed around 150 tablets of Tamiflu in the city, but now are urging people to take good hygiene measures."

Dr Sreenivasa also confirmed that there have been 28 confirmed cases of swine flu in Thirthahalli in Karnataka, according to TNM.

"This is the biggest outbreak since September 2015. The virus is already in the community and those who have lost their immunity are particularly susceptible to falling ill," Dr Sunanda Reddy, the district surveillance officer Bengaluru (Urban) told HT.

However, while Deccan Herald has stated that there have been at least four deaths due to swine flu, including a 24-year-old pregnant woman, the state department has made no mention about it.

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People wearing masks wait in a queue for a H1N1 flu screening at a hospital in New Delhi August 11, 2009.Reuters

Dr S Sajjan Shetty, the joint director, National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBCP), reportedly said that the state health department has not received any information regarding swine flu deaths from either Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases (RGICD) or the National Institute of Virology (NIV).

Shetty said that they did receive requests from National Institute of Virology for testing kits.

"Two weeks ago, we received a letter from NIV seeking test kits as they had exhausted them. If that is the case, then how are they conducting tests?" Shetty said.

At the moment, Bengaluru has the maximum number of outbreaks. It has reported 98 swine flu cases.