A supposed 2nd PUC Mathematics leaked question paper has been making the rounds on WhatsApp and the internet. Just recently, two students were arrested and debarred after leaking the Physics paper. The two students were caught and booked under the Juvenile Justice Act. Leaked question papers seem to have become a norm during exam time over the years.

Karnataka 2nd PUC Mathematics question paper has not been leaked

However, there has been no leak of the Karnataka 2nd PUC question paper on WhatsApp or anywhere else. The question paper we are talking about is part of a teaser-trailer of an upcoming film. The leaking of the question paper is the subject of the trailer, that has been recently released and doing the rounds on social media. 

Moksha Trailer
Samarth Naik

The intent of this trailer is to spread a social message, with a little suspense, some humour and numerous questions. A deep voice cuts the clip of the paper to tell students, to study rather than try to know the question paper, letting them know that they might score a few more marks in the exam if they study.

Thriller movie Moksha to be a complex film

Moksha is an upcoming Kannada thriller film that will release later this month. The central theme of the film is a masked man, whose identity is not known. As a suspense thriller, the movie will have numerous twists and turns and will deal with various themes, love, loneliness and crime. Director Samarth Naik has aimed for quality with film and got on board a Hollywood cinematographer, Jome Joseph. Joseph also worked on Murugadoss' Spyder which starred Mahesh Babu. 

The teaser for the film was released in December 2019 leaving many unanswered questions and anticipation amidst audiences. The film does look like a good thriller, to be part of the some of the highly-appreciated masked men movies the world has seen. The film directed by Samarth Naik stars, Mohan Dhanraj, Aradhya Laxman and Tarak Ponnappa. Let's hope the movie makes sure to put the thrill in 'thriller'.